Garena Free Fire MAX launched, here is how to download it on Android phone and iPhone

Garena Free Fire MAX

Garena Free Fire Max, the upgraded version of Free Fire is now available for download on Android devices. The game will download on Android devices connected to a WiFi network for users who pre-registered for the same. Others can simply head to the Play Store and search for the game. Free Fire MAX has a download size of 0.96GB.

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We tested out the game and surprisingly just past the login page is a notice that informs you that the game’s servers are not ready yet. That means all you can do right now is enjoy a short cutscene and nothing more. The game’s servers are expected to go up soon, though.

UPDATE: Trying to play the new game now shows a different message. Starting the game and logging in now shows a “Limited test has ended. See you in the next test.” message. The result is the same though and unless you’re one of the players who managed to get through the limited test run. You still cannot get past this new screen and play a match.

Free Fire MAX: What we know so far

Free Fire Max is expected to bring in improvements for the graphical and gameplay aspects of Free Fire. However, thanks to the new FireLink technology. Free Fire MAX players will still be able to play with regular Free Fire players via crossplay.

Users who pre-registered for Garena Free Fire MAX will also get “exclusive rewards” in-game, which could likely be exclusive outfits and weapon skins.

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Free Fire MAX
Free Fire MAX

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Garena has promised that the game will bring “more realistic maps” and a “more immersive gameplay”. The game will also get some new exclusive features like a customizable map feature that will not be available on the regular Free Fire version. Players coming from the regular version of the game will also be able to use their existing accounts and sync all data.

The game battle royale shooter game, currently available to download only on Android devices, is also expected to come to iOS soon. Allowing iPhone players to enjoy the game with their Android buddies as well.

How to get Garena Free Fire MAX

If you pre-registered for the Garena Free Fire MAX before today’s launch. It is very likely the game was downloaded to your phone if a Wi-Fi connection was available. Those who pre-registered will get Max Raychaser (Bottom), Gold Royale Voucher (two), Max Raychaser (Facepaint), Cyber Max Skyboard, Max Raychaser (Head) as rewards.

In case you could not pre-register, you can head to the Google Play Store or the App Store to download the game, but you will not get the rewards. The download size for Android is 0.96GB, while it is 1.7GB for iOS.

Garena Free Fire Max System Requirements

Free Fire MAX system requirments
Free Fire MAX system requirements

The game demands 1.5 GB of free storage & can run smoothly on devices with 2 GB RAM or more. It is also reported that Free Fire Max will not be a Pay to Win game like Free Fire where in-game purchases give players certain advantages over their opponents. The upgraded version of the game will be fair to all.

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