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Why Is There A Need for Forklift Driver Training?

Forklifts in the workplace can pose several hazards for Forklift Driver. Some hazards can be deadly or cause serious bodily injury. Other hazards are those that pose a potential risk of damage to the forklift or other equipment in the work area. One of the big problems with forklifts is that they bump into the pallet racks and cause damage to the pallet rack. When impact damage occurs, it weakens the pallet racks and can lead to a rack falling. This falling rack poses a risk to everyone in the area.

It is for that reason that everyone who operates a forklift should go through a forklift driver training course. In addition, it is an HSE requirement that every operator must be Onsite forklift training.

HSE requirement aside, these training courses offer several benefits to the company. When a driver has been properly trained, there is a reduction in industrial accidents because workplace safety is improved. Training also reduces the amount of building damage caused by the forklift.

On-Site Courses

Since not all facilities are operated in the same manner, nor do they handle the same types of material. One of the best ways to have employees trained is on-site within their own workforce. This allows the instructors to address forklift safety in context with the workplace. The specific hazards that their workplace will present them with. Several manufacturers and dealerships will offer HSE-certified forklift driver training On-site forklift training.

Most training sessions will last four hours be depending on how many people are participating in the training session. For those that are operating a propane-powered forklift. Propane safety training will also have to be given to the employees that will be operating the forklift. This helps to ensure that the certifications meet HSE standards.

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Course Content

Several things will be covered in the training session. Some instructors may choose to offer additional information and training while others may not address everything. Things that will be taught during a training session include the center of gravity of the load as well as the truck. Special hazards and controls, weight capacities and capacity plates, and pre-shift inspections.

Different forklift classifications will also be discussed during the training session. What is taught can vary somewhat by the instructor but all instructors offering certification will cover all the requirements set up by HSE.

HSE Regulations

A course will not only cover the operations and safety of operating a forklift but will also include topics on HSE such as fines and penalties related to OSHA. A course will possibly cover the legal and moral consequences of operating a forklift unsafely. During the forklift driver training session the instructor will more than likely give the employees information on options that they have if ever they are asked to perform unsafe work.

At the end of the training session, a test will be given before any employee receiving their forklift certification. Any employee that does not pass the certification is not allowed by HSE regulations to operate a forklift under any circumstances.

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