Foot Pain in the Morning: Causes and When to See a Doctor

Foot pain

Foot pain is one of the worst pains to have because it makes you want to stay off your feet. With the demands of work and family life, this often isn’t an option.

Many of us will experience foot and ankle pain in the morning, but it might be time to go to the doctor if it is a recurring event.

Do you have foot pain in the morning and you don’t know why or what to do about it? Check out this short guide of common problems and what the symptoms mean.

Foot Pain In The Morning

As if getting out of bed wasn’t excruciating enough, aching or stabbing foot pain in the morning makes you want to crawl back in bed.

If you are active in the gym or outdoor with running and other activities. it might not surprise you to feel pain in your feet. However, if you haven’t done much to overexert yourself, foot pain might come as quite a surprise.

Plantar Fasciitis

The most common source of foot pain is something called plantar fasciitis. The pain is felt mainly in the heel but affects the band that attaches the heel to the toes.

The source of plantar fascitis is inflammation in the tissue, is the worst in the morning, and feels like a sharp stabbing pain.

Many runners experience plantar fasciitis, and also people who overexert themselves after being on their feet for too long.

Similar to plantar fascitis is metatarsalgia. The main difference in the pain is that metatarsalgia pain radiates from the heel to the toes.

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Though it is a type of arthritis, gout does not always present symptoms like other forms of arthritis.

A bought of gout will usually be felt in the big toe in the form of pain and swelling. Due to crystals of uric acid that build up in our joints, gout can be extremely painful.

Gout may come and go and typically is brought on by certain foods we eat. Avoid gout by limiting red meat, shellfish, and alcoholic beverages.


Osteoarthritis or Psoriatic arthritis are typically the types that people develop in their feet. The joints in the feet and ankles carry a lot of weight and have the pressure of being so agile.

Arthritis in the foot will be more painful in the morning or after being off your feet for prolonged periods. You may notice tenderness, swelling, and/or stiffness in the ankle and toe joints.

When Should You See A Doctor?

Experiencing pain can be startling, scary, and have you confused as to what you should do about it. Some people schedule doctor’s appointments as soon as they feel discomfort.

If the pain is serious enough, or debilitating, and prevents you from putting weight on your feet or walking any length of distance, it can’t hurt to call your doctor’s office or orthopedic surgeon.

The sooner you get your feet examined, the sooner you can get treatment and prevent the issue from worsening.

Take Care Of Your Feet

Don’t let foot pain in the morning ruin the rest of your day. Sources of pain such as arthritis, gout, and plantar fasciitis can be treated, especially if they are caught early enough.

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