How to Find Geyser Installation and Repair

Geyser Installation

Are you looking for a professional to install or repair your geyser before the arrival of winter? If yes, you are in luck!

Mr. Mahir’s online platform is designed to connect customers like you to the best professionals.

With us, you can book geyser services at your home anytime.

We have expert and skilled plumbers who can repair your year’s old geyser with a 100% guarantee. Owing to their vast experience, our professionals can repair and install all models and brands of geysers.

Why Book Mr. Mahir’s Geyser Repair & Install Services?

1.  At-Home Services

Do you not want the hassle of visiting the market searching for a plumber for your geyser installation and repair?

We have got you covered! Our efficient and responsive plumbers will get to your doorstep soon after you book the service. There will be absolutely no delay.

2. Unrivaled Professionalism

We pledge that no one in the market can match the professionalism of plumbers we connect you to. We verify our plumbers during the registration process to ensure the safety of your family and the sanctity of your home.

If you need reliable and safe instant geyser installation, book through the Mr. Mahir app. Our plumber will inspect your geyser, suggest the best mode of action, and get the installation done with utmost professionalism.

3. For All Brands & Models

No matter what is the brand or model of your geyser, our plumber will get the fixing and installation done expertly.

With us, you can be 100% confident of the skillfulness of the plumber as we take guarantee of his work, and if anything goes wrong, it’s fixed within seven working days.

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4. Reliability Guaranteed

Yes, you have our complete support as far as the guarantee of the service is concerned. Our responsive customer service representatives will stay by your side until you are satisfied in case of any mishap.

5. Unparalleled Affordability

Our prices are market competitive and even lower than market price with the 10% discount that you can get by booking geyser installation services through Mr. Mahir App.

So, instead of wasting your time and money with seasonal plumbers, choose us. You will never regret it!

The Apparent Pose

This is possible by using specific conduits called IRL (smooth rigid insulation), which can also be used indoors. However, we recommend you this type of installation if the electrical circuit is very exposed to humidity. You should reserve it for powering the lights on a terrace, for example.

The rigid ducts are pegged into the wall using specially designed clamps spaced 40 cm horizontally and 80 cm vertically.

1. Make a Circuit Map

On the ground plan of your plot, position the electrical panel (lighting, sockets, gate, automatic watering system, etc.). Then connect them with lines representing the cables, not forgetting to make a circuit by type of device.

Straight lines and shorter journeys are ideal, but you can also follow the design of a lawn or a driveway.

2. Bury the Cables

The cable to be buried must come out of the indoor electrical panel.  After digging your trenches respecting the standard depths indicated above, you spread a layer of sand of about 10 cm in the bottom. On top lay the sheath containing the cable, then a second 20 cm layer of sand. Finally, you extend the flexible warning mesh over the entire length of the trenches you close with the soil you have removed.

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3. Connect Your Devices

Follow the instructions for connecting your electrical devices, ensuring that the connection is watertight. If you think doing all this is too risky and you do not have the required skills, book the best electrician in Jail Road Lahore.

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