5 Facts About Final Fantasy 7 You Need to Know

Final Fantasy 7

The Final Fantasy video game series is one of the greatest ones to ever exist. It is an insanely popular RPG video game that is loved by a huge audience from all over the world. 

Although hardcore fans are crazy about this game, there are still certain facts that even the biggest fans of the game don’t know. These facts make the game even more exciting and help gamers see it from a new perspective. 

In this article, we are going to share with you some of the least known facts about final fantasy 7 that will blow your mind. 

So, let’s get straight into it and talk about the 5 interesting facts about Final Fantasy 7

1. The Game Was Initially Planned to Set in New York

Final Fantasy VII was planned way back in 1994. In the beginning, the idea was to design the game in the New York City setting with a detective lead character. 

It was nowhere near the concept that was introduced later on. When the developers begin to develop the game, they realized that New York was not the best place for this game. 

They changed it to a fictional city named Midgar which was technically advanced. So, like ascendancy classes in the Path of Exile, there were many changes made in the Final Fantasy gameplay before it hit the market.


2. Cloud Strife Was Almost Designed As a Brunette

The blonde character design of Cloud Strife that we have all grown to love, was initially planned to be a brunette. The iconic look of cloud strife could not have been so incredible as it is in the form that we are seeing him today. 

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So, it was a blessing in disguise that the developers changed the concept to blonde. This change was made to make the character more likable and relatable for the audience. 

Now, this doesn’t mean that being brunette wouldn’t have been as equally great, but the final result was the consequence of the trial and error approach with the character design.  

3. The Game Contains Many Star Wars References

Video games are known for referencing other franchises, and even collaborating with them if they choose to do that. The Final Fantasy 7 has a lot of references to Star Wars that are quite awesome for people who love both these franchises. 

Final Fantasy has become an internet phenomenon over the years because of its approach to pop culture. You can learn about poe ninja as well if you are interested in this concept of the Path of Exile.  

4. The Game Contains References to Thor’s Mythology

Final Fantasy 7 is popular among Marvel fans as well because, like Marvel, it also has many references to Thor’s mythology. The references are rooted in the Norse faith of the Germanic people. 

Various cities and territories of the game are named using the popular names from Norse mythology. 

For example, Ragnarok in Norse mythology refers to the end of the world. Ragnarok is the name of a powerful sword in the game Final Fantasy 7. There are many other references that you might see in the game when you start playing it.  

5. The Final Fantasy 7 Remake Was Kept a Secret

The video game developers often re-release a video game when a new console system comes out. The Final Fantasy remake for the new console systems was in talks for a long time but it didn’t come out in the time that the fans wanted it to. 

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The fans of the game started a campaign for the re-release and it forces the developers to release the latest update of the Final Fantasy 7. But until close to the release date, the news was kept a secret. So, nobody knew the day when it was going to get dropped.  

Wrapping Up

Final Fantasy games series has become almost a culture in the video gaming industry. Every professional game has tried their hands on this game at least once in their careers. Although new games are coming every year, Final Fantasy 7 has been the constant that has kept its place in the gaming world. 

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