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The most reliable source I have found for remote work in Nigeria at the time of writing this blog can be found on Linkedin. However, I think it’s better to define a remote job. That’s what I’d hope to accomplish by first defining what a job is.

What is a remote-based job?

A job is an item of work, a specific series of tasks performed on a regular basis at a set price. The job market has changed over time, in the past, it was mostly factory-based, and it gradually shifted to the present. But, the future of work is remote and we must be prepared to meet it. This article provides a primer of how you can find remote jobs in Nigeria, what it means to work remotely and lastly, it provides some tips on how best to be prepared for tomorrow’s work environment.

So, it’s safe to conclude Remote Jobs are defined tasks you are able to perform at a fixed cost through the use of modern technology and tools, not recognizing any geographical boundaries or the space.

I’ve worked on top-level projects worldwide, with teams that operate in different times and in different locations. When I was studying during my time at Harvard Business School years back and my classmates as well as I were working from diverse regions of the globe on our assignments all at once.

Working remotely for a cost or salary of around $5000 monthly puts you in the millionaire club when converted to Naira and you earn about five times the salary of an average worker in corporate Nigeria.

How To Find Remote Jobs in Nigeria

A simple Google search can lead you to a list of companies that offer remote employment to Nigerians. These are local and foreign; I’m sure you’ll like the foreign companies more because they give you the chance of earning money in other currencies besides the Naira.

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Types of Jobs That Can Be Executed Remotely

  • Accounts-related jobs
  • Software development
  • Data Entry
  • Customer Service
  • Social Media Management
  • Graphics Design
  • Virtual Assistance
  • Copywriting
  • Translation

How To Qualify For High-paying Remote Jobs

Here are 2 tips to be a successful person who regularly gets lucrative remote job opportunities.

Build Expert Profile

There is no way to determine if you are worth a large salary until you have a profile that suggests you qualify for one. In remote positions your profile does all the talking; you have to develop an portfolio of your previous work. Your portfolio should be able to speak before you.Most remote job sites require that you be vetted. Be sure to know the vetting requirements before applying through them.

Educate Yourself Constantly

Keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the fields that you would like to work in. Educate yourself regularly to upskill and keep yourself informed of the skills required to be employed in your chosen field. A large number of people, like myself make use of the numerous online learning platforms available today. Such platforms include Coursera, Linkedin, Edx, etc.

The majority of people would like to control their time, so they favor remote jobs in Nigeria. If they don’t have to be at a desk for a specific time remote workers can concentrate on their priorities beyond the office.

How to locate remote jobs in Nigeria

Once you’ve decided that remote jobs located in Nigeria are the best for you, then a step by step execution of the following will set you on the right path to finding landing that first remote position in Nigeria:

  • Find the right site to conduct a remote job search; Google is your best guide here. Look up terms like the following:
  • Remote Jobs Near Me
  • Remote Job
  • Work from home Jobs
  • Learn about remote communities.
  • Be diligent and patient and enjoy what you are doing.
  • Customize your resume for remote job applications.
  • Be thorough in your search and don’t sacrifice your standards.

How do you prepare a resume to apply for remote employment in Nigeria

Remote jobs in Nigeria require unique abilities, and recruiters always search for them. Some of the skills mentioned in resumes for remote jobs are:

  • Time management
  • Cooperation
  • Digital communication
  • Firm work ethic
  • Adaptability
  • Organization
  • Flexibility
  • Experienced with technology
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If you’ve previously worked remotely it will be simpler, but it’s not the last. You may not have experience working remotely. In that case it is best to use remote expertise to emphasize the specific capabilities you require.

The primary benefits of remote work

As mentioned in most articles, remote jobs in Nigeria have many benefits for employees. For workers, employers as well as the economy and the rest of the world here are a few of the benefits of remote work:

1. Enhancing the work-life balance

The primary purpose of working at home is to provide Flexibility. The employees can arrange their days according to their own schedule and begin and end their day as they please. However, this is an exclusion. They must fulfill the duties that are given to them, complete their work, and produce results.

Otherwise, you will lose your goal. Being able to manage your schedule for work is essential for personal life needs.

Whether you’re balancing your schedules for medical visits, school classes, and other tasks, joining an online morning fitness class, or contracting at your home while you’re away It’s all very simple.

2. Reduce travel time and stress

The burden of travel has doubled in nations like Nigeria where the use of vehicles is restricted.

The time you spend on productivity isn’t just spent on congestion and aches your body. In the end, we are not cars. Health issues, such as those listed below, are often result of stress and strain from going to work.

  • High cholesterol
  • Hyperglycemias
  • Greater risk of depression
  • Working from home reduces the risk of developing these health issues.

3. Flexibility:

A unique trait of humans is the degree to which we’re alike but they’re also very different. Everyone has a style they enjoy when it comes down to work schedules, but within (most) traditional workplaces there’s always a predetermined finishing time and recovery time.

Based on the title of your job, you can work from anywhere at any time. If I work from home, no one sees it. You must complete the tasks you have set out to complete before you can see results.

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4. You can work wherever:

With flexible hours of work, you can work from anywhere. Remote work also permits workers to work from home instead of having a workspace that is limited to a certain location or area.

5. Cost reduction:

There are practically no traveling expenses (for remote jobs). This means that you will earn more free cash than you do on shipping or other expenses. You don’t need it to work remotely or the money you usually spend on lunch and coffee at work.

The primary drawbacks of remote work

Despite all the benefits, working remotely also has disadvantages, like most aspects of life. One of the biggest issues associated with remote jobsare your dependence on technology, such as possessing the right equipment, power, and your excessive dependence on internet providers. You cannot operate remotely without them.

Other issues at the surface level are:

1. Loneliness:

One of the characteristics of working from home has to do with the physical aspect that represents teamwork. The sole work from home environment can create a feeling of loneliness and can inadvertently decrease productivity.

2. Fatigue:

It is generally acknowledged that working from home permits you to unwind and relax while working at the times that are suitable for you. For many, it is difficult to manage a balance between family life and professional life, which translates into endless working hours.

3. No more distractions:

Work ethic and dedication to work can distract and dramatically lower productivity while working at home. It’s not that you don’t enjoy working from home. can be enjoyed in the office however, it’s a lot more difficult when you’re at home. Homework may not be your thing if are prone to mistakes and are best working under the direct supervision of.

4. Restricted employment relations:

As previously mentioned Working together in the office allows colleagues to build friendships and foster cohesion. However, because employees rely upon conference calls phone calls as well as other non-face-to face communication tools, remote work diminishes the value of the work experience.


Are you ready for to live the Remote Lifestyle?

Being a nomad worker is a fascinating one. Some describe it as”the road to location independence”.

While working remotely is fun, one should understand that working remotely demands being able to operate in different time zones, in addition to other demands. It could mean lots of sleepless nights. In the case of others, it might cause a variety of difficult situations like fatigue, health and more.

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