Essentials Of Organising A Theme Baby Shower

baby shower

Organising a baby shower is not different from a wedding preparation, except for its scale. While at a wedding, more focus is given to the fun part; baby showers are all about love and blessings.

The checklist for such events is usually humungous, and time is less. You need to visit a party shop, create a guest list, craft a fun game plan, and much more. Hence, it’s normal to feel overwhelming, and the pressure only intensifies if you haven’t ever planned one.

However, worry not. Keep reading this article to know how to plan a perfect baby shower even in less time.

Decide On The Theme

You need to determine the theme of your baby shower first to get a rough idea of the decoration. Only after you have decided on a theme can you visit a party shop or think of decorating ideas.

The theme of a baby shower should reflect the mom-to-be personality and pleasing at the same time.

You can go for a neutral or a gender-specific theme. If the gender of the baby is known, that is, if it’s a girl, then you can go for a princess or fairy tale party theme.


It won’t be an exaggeration to state that the location of your baby shower is the deciding factor for a hoard of other variables. That is to say; you cannot work on the guest list unless you know the venue’s holding capacity.

For example, if the theme of the party is intimate. It means that the expectant mother’s house or one of the friends will do. Since the event venue is residential, the scale of your guest list automatically sizes down.

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Invitations And Guest List

A baby shower is a very special affair for expectant mothers as it celebrates the life and shower blessing on both the mother and child. Therefore, while making a guest list, you must be mindful of the people you invite.

As such, the guest list should consist of the mom-to-be’s close family members and friends. Ensure that invitations are sent a month in advance to all the guests, including all the critical details like theme, location, date and time of the events.


Deciding on the refreshments can be quite a challenging task. When choosing refreshments, you must consider the expectant mother’s and other guests’ dietary restrictions. That’s why you should create your guest list ahead before jumping onto this step.

This will help you figure out the dishes served during the event. Depending on the season, you can also go for the conventional menu, like pastries, cookies, and other beverages.

If the shower location is at a hotel or restaurant, you can ask the restaurant to arrange a special menu for the event.


Baby showers last for at least a few hours, so decide on a few games that can be played in between to entertain the guest.

You cannot expect the event to be just a meet-and-greet occasion. Although short, a baby shower is a memorable celebration for the mother-to-be. So the celebration mustn’t be filled with love but also with a bit of laughter.

A few games you can try are musical chairs, dirty diaper games, guess the baby food, etc.


Have a guest registry ready at the time of the event. This will help the expectant mother send her regards to the guest at the shower.

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You can prepare a pre-event as well. The pre-registration will give you an idea of the guest coming, easing your task. This way, you will also get an idea of the amount of ‘thank you’ gifts you need to prepare for each guest.

Summing Up

Organising a baby shower is certainly a lot of work, but it all pays off when you see the smile on the mom-to-be.

If you’re too confused even to think where to begin, save this checklist to refer to when you feel lost. With all these features catered to, you can find all your supplies from exclusive shops that plan, prepare and sell unique items. The choice depends on your budget and guest group.