Elegant White Furniture for the Interior

Elegant White Furniture

All those various shades of brown representing wooden furniture are old now. So, people are switching to other colors to make the interior lively. Among them, white paint stands as a hit one with a sophisticated and classy finish for the simplest table in the room. The best part, repainting your furniture is quite simple.

If you wish to turn everything white, then you can start right away. However, since white color comes with some issues, you might want to follow some useful steps. This is because any mistakes with white color become very visible. To avoid such problems, work carefully and create a smooth finish on each piece. Some places like the Calgary painting companies can help you with painting furniture and other things in the best way. They also have services to do and supply everything for you.

  • Clean thoroughly the piece of furniture that you wish to paint white. Use all sorts of cleaning products to remove dust, dirt, spots, grease, or to even give it a polish. Otherwise, the paint will look very uneven and show off the dust.
  • After a good cleaning, try some sanding on the surface to make it smoother. This priming for the furniture will prepare it for the paint, and also make it good as new as you have first bought it. A furniture primer is very useful here to provide some new coating.
  • It is advisable to sand after applying a coating of the primer. So, try it for some layers of the primer coating.
  • Now the furniture is ready for the white paint. Apply the first layer carefully, and cover all parts with no gaps. Then use a second layer of paint for the perfect finish.
  • Use a protective coating on top of the white color so that the paint doesn’t strip off. Besides, the coating will ensure that the white paint won’t have any issues of bleeding. This can be done with clear wax for paints. An additional coating like this increases the longevity of the color.

Some other quick tips include getting the right paint and tools. Use only white paint meant for use on wood, and not wall paint. Consider using rollers for larger pieces so that the paint will have better coverage. Another great rule of thumb is to apply a layer of paint from one direction with a single swipe each time.