Do’s and don’ts of building a landing page

building a landing page

Landing page is usually a single page that comes in the forms of advertisement and appears when they are clicked through the use of SEO optimization.  These pages are often linked and come as a part of linked link of social media, e-mail campaigns, articles or any affiliated sites.

Although the landing pages come in a single page, they take a long period of time in order to be processed and needs several corrections before they come out as a perfect landing page.

A front end wordpress developer can usually make this happen as it is easier to make a landing page by using wordpress.

However, there are some tips regarding what to do and what not to do during the making of a landing page. Here are some do’s and don’ts:


  • Your landing page should be written in simple words and designed in such a way that an individual immediately gets attracted to the design of your page. Also, make sure that the page loads quickly or else the client will lose interest and you will face a great loss.
  • Once your client fills in the necessary information, do re-direct them to a thank you or generate an email with additional information quickly. Also, let them know regarding the next step so that they are not left clueless and wondering.
  • Increase your optimization for all kinds of portable devices such as mobile, laptop or tablets so that the number of your access increases. Ensure that it does not take too long to load or navigate the portable users, or else they will not stick around for a long time and move to the next page.
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  • Do not use too many texts that make it seem like an essay. Instead use a brief but specific text and use more images, graphics and background colors as much is required. Also, see that the texts are of the same font size and color.
  • Do not accept more than one answer from each individual. Create an option so that the clients do not get the chance of changing their minds and writing another response which will create confusion with the responses you receive.
  • Do not use Submit button at the end of the page as it is outdated. Try using options like “Download Now” or “Get your copy here” instead. This will help the clients to see their own responses and will allow more number of people to answer the questions regarding your webpage. You can write it in a different color than the background or change the font.

These are the strict rules that are required to be followed so that they do not end up in a disaster and loss for you.

In conclusion, landing pages are the new forms of marketing strategy that is accessible to everyone online and can garner a lot of attention within a short period of time.

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