Do I Need A Foundation Inspection For A Hairline Crack

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A hairline crack in a foundation wall may sometimes not be threatening, that’s because these kinds of cracks haven’t opened up. These cracks are common and result from the stress of the foundation expansion and contraction due to moisture changes. If left unrepaired, they can grow and lead to other problems within the home; However, it’s important to remember that a hairline crack does not usually indicate imminent failure. If you see signs of cracking in your home’s foundation walls, you have to dig out for a more definite cause. A small crack is caused by moisture or drainage problems while a large crack may be the soil condition. This article has been compiled to give you tips on foundation repair and how to combat hairline cracks. Contact a foundation repair Florida  company for additional help.

Component Of A Hairline Crack On Foundation 

A hairline crack in a foundation wall is a very narrow crack, usually less than 2 millimeters wide, and may appear in a masonry wall or a concrete block as well as on a walkway adjacent to a wall. This crack may also appear in a horizontal beam that supports the foundation wall or in the wall itself and it is not a serious problem unless it extends into the wall. Hairline cracks in a concrete curb or walkway are relatively common and not a cause for alarm, Concrete repair Orlando can help monitor it for changes in width. If the width of the crack increases, it may indicate a need for repair. Excess exposure to heat may also cause such cracks, but not only does the heat contribute. When the concrete cools, the concrete steel that bent due to heating would also shrink as it cools. This will cause hairline cracks.

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Signs That Indicate When A Hairline Crack Is Heading Toward Foundation Problem

  1. There is high moisture content that causes the soil to be over saturated enacting enough pressure on the footing and less pressure on the wall.
  2. There is an obstruction on the soil causing the water to flow slowly or not at all.
  3. Water is being trapped in the pipes causing it to impinge on the foundation walls.
  4. Septic tank drainage or other contaminants found on the wall.

Why Foundation Repair Is Recommended.

A hairline crack in the foundation wall that is extending deep into the wall should be cause for concern. The crack may be indicative of a drainage problem, or it could reveal that the soil under the foundation wall is unstable. If the soil under the foundation wall is moving, the movement may cause the wall to crack or settle unevenly. Foundation repair tampa would examine for the following symptoms that may indicate the need for foundation support: Concrete walls that have settled unevenly may be pushed back into an upright position by  installing a support system to prevent it from settling unevenly again. This same support system may be added to an obstruction that is causing the wall to settle or shift. The process involved in the repair of Hairline cracks are ; Cleaning up the cracks in cases of oil or dirt seeping into them, application of a sealant into the cracks, drying up of the sealant.


A hairline crack on a wall or foundation  should always be monitored for changes in its width. The cracks on the wall may be Diagonal, horizontal, structural or even vertical. When performing foundation repair on a hairline crack, the task may take a lot of time because this type of work requires a lot of patience. When in doubt, it’s best to contact a professional foundation repair  and seawall repair fort myers company. They can examine the foundation and surrounding area and determine whether a problem exists and if repair is needed.

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