Differently abled will be the most appropriate word to describe them

Differently abled will be the most appropriate word to describe them

The future can never be predicted. We never know what is going to happen tomorrow, even though we have plans for tomorrow. Just like the pandemic happened, we would have never imagined a pandemic to happen. Before the pandemic, we never knew that the whole world will have to stay in quarantine, we never knew what actually coronavirus was and what type of infection it caused. Now, each one of us could recall the symptoms of respiratory infections and how to relieve ourselves from such infections. It was a very rough time, till the vaccines were introduced. Now we have vaccines and our lives are getting back to normal.

Things that happen unexpectedly can sometimes change our lives permanently. It is always good to plan the future as pre-planning can prevent unwanted problems. But it is important that we don’t spend most of the time planning for the future but rather just enjoy the moment. Today let’s talk about something that could happen unexpectedly and can change your whole life. This could happen to anyone at any moment in life.

It is important that we follow all the road rules appropriately to avoid such tragic accidents. Being attentive when engaging in sports and other activities is very important to avoid such incidents.

The long term effect of such accidents is a spinal injury.  This can be something that could change someone’s life forever. Someone who had undergone spinal injury will never know when they will start walking or when they will lead a normal life. Not only that but they have chronic pain which can be very hard for them. The severity depends on the location of the injury. It is very important that we understand such people and help them to overcome their problems mentally and physically. This can be a great challenge physically as they can never move without the help of others. It is very important that we

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Do anything we could to help such people.

These pains and aches remain in their body forever, because their movement is restricted. Probably to overcome such pain, there can be different types of medications used. Most people use non-steroidalanti inflammatory drugs, these drugs can be good but will not be very effective and can have some other side effects like kidney problems. Some people with spinal injury will have to consume such medications all their life, it’s better to select some medicine without harmful side effects.  They can use CBD tincture which can be a great way to relieve their chronic pain.

When you have someone who is after spinal injury it is very important that we support them mentally as much as we can. They will feel sad and depressed because they can never move or they can never continue their normal life. Maybe people who are having dreams of pursuing a career, all of these will be disturbed by such accidents. It’s very unfortunate, but such people should be given palliative care. Let’s help them overcome these hardest times of their lives.

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