Different Types Of Parquet Floors And The Refinishing Process

Parquet floors

Parquet flooring is also known as wooden parquet or garden parquet and is made from a variety of materials including synthetic resins and various hardwoods.

Types of Parquet floors

With parquet flooring, there are two main types – flat and pitched. Flat parquets are produced as tiles, which are then nailed to the floor joists. Pitched parquets are similar to the flat variety, except that they have an interlocking edge design too. The interlocking edge design of pitched parquet flooring tiles in Dubai makes them very strong. You can purchase parquet floors that have already been pitched, or you can order parquet floors that you can install yourself. In either case, installing parquet floors over existing floors can be a challenge.

herringbone parquet flooring

Some types of parquet flooring, such as herringbone, contain small diamonds or pearls that run across their surface. These diamonds are designed to reflect light and reflect it in such a way. The person walking on the parquet flooring cannot see the holes where the light is being reflected. Many people choose herringbone for its unique style, but many people also choose this type because of its strength. Although herringbone is a bit more expensive than most parquet flooring materials. Many people feel that its solid structure makes it much more durable. One drawback to herringbone is that because the diamonds in the design deflect the light. Some people with poor eyesight suffer from severe eye strain when walking on the herringbone.

Parquet wood flooring

Another popular parquet flooring solution is made out of wood. It is composed of several small planks that are connected by a thin metal bottom layer. Many people like the fact that this type of flooring is very easy to clean and maintain. The wood can be stained to match the specific room that the parquet flooring solution is being installed. If a person decides to get stained the top layer of the wood is free. Stained parquet flooring has a very distinct grain that makes it look like wood rather than a parquet.

Many people believe that the best type of parquet flooring is made out of real wood. Although there are a variety of artificial materials that are being used as parquet tiles, nothing beats real wood parquet flooring for the uniqueness that it provides. Wood parquet flooring has a very classic look that only wood can provide. The look of wood is what people generally appreciate the most about real wood parquet flooring.

Benefits of installing parquet flooring

The key benefits of installing parquet flooring over wooden floors are the attractive finish and long-lasting durability. Because they have a rough texture and high surface compressive strength, parquets require very little maintenance and are highly durable. They are more resilient than other natural stone tiles such as slate, granite, and limestone and can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, corridors, and living rooms. Another benefit is that parquet tiles will resist heat very well and will not burn your fingers as do other natural stones.

Add an air of elegance to home

Parquets are a unique mixture of practical and ornamental and add an air of elegance to your home. Their low cost and high durability make parquet the most affordable choice for the homeowner. With many different types of parquet available in different styles and finishes, parquet flooring has become a popular choice for flooring throughout the UK.


No matter what type of parquet flooring is installed on a home or commercial building it is important to do a great deal of research when choosing the specific type of material that will be used on the floor. All types of parquet flooring are available at https://dubaivinylflooring.com By doing this the homeowner will be able to choose the right product for their particular situation. The homeowner should also spend a lot of time researching the different types of refinishing methods that are available for parquet tiles.