DevOps Strategy 2021:10 Reasons Your Enterprise Needs It

Devops Strategy


Automation is heavily used for a speedy setup to reduce redundancy and free up employee time. Hence, automating processes using DevOps will result in a healthier financial bottom line. DevOps seeks to standardize the work environment and protocols of teams, streamlining the creation and implementation of codes in the process.

What is DevOps?


Before any further information regarding a DevOps strategy is discussed, it must be made clear what is meant by the term. Simply put, DevOps is a method of combining two existing IT wings of businesses – development and operations. DevOps is more than a mere software or tool. It is a culture of adopting ways to reduce communication bottlenecks, increase transparency and simplify the final launch of a product or code.

Considering the large market share of businesses that provide goods and services online, it becomes necessary to safeguard both the company and customers from cybersecurity threats. Time is invaluable for this purpose, and DevOps strategies are how companies seek to address this issue.

Benefits of DevOps Technologies

Benefits of DevOps Technologies
Benefits of DevOps Technologies

According to an acclaimed DevOps development consultancy in India, leveraging this technology provides you with an array of benefits.

1.  Increased Code Quality, Reduced Service Costs

The cost of detecting and fixing errors goes up with every new block of code that’s written. Also being heavily time-intensive, DevOps solutions step in here to check for errors in real-time using automated performance tests. This is very helpful since buggy codes being released to the public can result in devastating consequences for any business, ranging from a substantial loss in revenue from application downtime to data breach or worse.

2.  Tremendous Success at Cultivating Lifetime Customer Value and Loyalty

Market competition increases proportionally with the number of companies and people that get access to online platforms. It becomes essential for a firm to focus on more than business and take a holistic approach towards employee and customer satisfaction in such an environment. It has been noted that it is far easier and more profitable to keep a customer around than to convert a new one. DevOps technology helps in doing so by streamlining user experience across all channels.

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The DevOps solutions use automation and CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) to keep track of code across portals – and recall and update them whenever necessary. This reduces time, effort and risking redundancy compared to when entirely left to a human operator.

3.  Maximizing Efficiency Through Automation

As mentioned above, CI/CD is an essential building block of any DevOps technology adopted by a company. CI ensures that code changes are integrated faster and more frequently, giving developers more room for improvement. Some benefits include –

  • Preserves good code quality
  • Less time fixing bugs
  • Log files make for easier code readability and understanding

CD is a method employed by DevOps companies to build, test, and release minimally-buggy applications within a short amount of time with as little employee effort as possible.

4.  Microservice Support

Microservices are essentially an updated version of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). In simplified terms, they take a business capability of the applications they work with and streamline them over multiple smaller services. It can be distributed to and used on a wide variety of platforms, thus benefits of DevOps over other organizational structures, like –

  • Platform independency
  • High reliability
  • Scalability
  • Portability 

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5.  Instantaneous And Valuable Feedback

As established earlier, DevOps is about creating a strategic environment that increasingly creates value. A major part of its operation requires rapid testing and feedback. This helps preserve the quality while maintaining the efficiency of the code builds. A CI/CD structure is a simple example of the feedback and updation process. DevOps companies use it to monitor and update code in real-time, thus saving valuable post-launch resources.

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6.  Devops To Create Risk-Assessment And Redressal Tools

Far too often, companies lose customers and revenue without knowing what went wrong. Sometimes, a great deal of time can pass before discrepancies build up to become large enough to be noticed. Among the major benefits of DevOps is that it can be used to create apps that have automated systems to target various processes, issue alerts, and even fix the problem. It can provide insight into trends and analyze and implement a compilation of best practices as required.

7.  Devops Upgrades the Entire Business

CTO of an interactive video company, Small Town Heroes, Patrick Debois, is best known as one of the founders of the DevOps movement. According to him, one of the major benefits of the DevOps culture is that it compels people to cooperate. Since Dev and Ops are both granted equal status, it creates mutual respect and empathy, resulting in a more positive work environment.

Since it’s a fact that satisfied employees provide a better performance, DevOps solutions become a necessity. Again, the use of automation means that the entire business is more alert towards insights and results in a more data-driven and customer-centric approach.

8.  Devops Make Companies Creative and Drive Organic Revenue Growth

DevOps technology brings with it certain solutions that affect more than the IT wings in a company. Due to being scalable and portable, different sectors like design, manufacturing, engineering, etc., gain a DevOps makeover by default. It stratifies all data, highlighting only the relevant portions to sectors but keeps the rest of it accessible as required. The unified approach not only provides various departments with necessary insights and analytics but does so with minimal redundancy. Thus, be it the CEO or the Head of Marketing, all senior management levels have tools at their disposal to further their role in the business.

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9.  Rapid Development and Deployment of Software

It has been established reasonably well that any company that can adapt and implement a suitable DevOps strategy is bound to hit consistent growth. The highest performing DevOps companies all have high-speed software development and deployment processes. All while ensuring it has no compromise in the quality and is made available to end-users within the given time.

A 2019 Accelerate survey confirmed these five metrics to assess performance and predict the success of the DevOps strategy in a business –

  • Lead time
  • Deployment frequency
  • Change fail
  • Time to restore
  • Availability

10. People And Customer-Centric Approach

Customer Experience (CX) is an invaluable tool to model the overall functioning of a business to offer a holistic approach to how the customer deals with a business. A recent PWC survey found that ⅓rd of all surveyed customers would drop a brand they like after one negative experience. After two or three of these, the number goes up to 92%!

CX includes everything from awareness, assessing products to customer support after purchase. A streamlined method of building and maintaining such systems is an integral part of retaining customers.

On the other end are the employees themselves. DevOps uses automation extensively, thus freeing up time for higher management to incentivize the people who write the programs behind these automated processes. This keeps satisfaction high for both customers and employees.  



Having discussed in detail the value of the DevOps solution in this article, it is easy to understand why so many firms are opting for it today. The only issue that remains to be seen is how companies can get the best out of it. Since it’s adaptable, companies are compelled to keep innovating to beat the competition.

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