3 Elite Websites designed by Artist & Webmaster Rey Rey Rodriguez

Rey Rey Rodriguez

When Visual Artist Rey Rey Rodriguez is not creating or promoting his artwork, he’s helping others promote their brand and/or themselves. The Mind of Rey Rey®, is a full-service marketing company that Rodriguez has founded, offering multimedia (video & sound recording and editing, and photography) and branding services (web design & maintenance, SEO, app development, graphics, growth advisement, ads, text, email, and social media marketing and verification guidance). When an elite artist combines his talents with elite marketing skills, you get elite results. Presented below are three elite websites designed by Rey Rey Rodriguez.

1. Bio-Hack Your Best Life – ElisabethiHoekstra.com

Bio-Hack Your Best Life® is a company founded by Entrepreneur Elisabeth Hoekstra. She is also the Director of Operations for 4BiddenKnowledge Inc, a company founded by entrepreneur, social media influencer, and best-selling author Billy Carson. Miss Hoekstra is also the author of the highly awaited book, “The Recipe To Elevated Consciousness.” The company aims to provide everyone with ways to become the Co-Creator of their BEST life by instilling more self-awareness, addressing the stress and trauma that manifest physically in their vessel, and how change their internal and external environments to live an optimal life.

The Website: The website looks like a replica of its sister company’s website 4BiddenKnowledge Inc (4BiddenKnowledge.com), but with inverted colors for the background and information fonts (a combination of white background and black fonts) and with titles in pink. Colorful graphics and portraits of the former model and actress fill the website’s homepage. This fast loading, easy to use, smooth-running website, is as great on both, the desktop as it is on its mobile version. Miss Hoekstra’s site has links to her social media accounts, to her podcast, to upcoming events, to pre-order her book, to affiliate links (such as the “UniteThe99 app”), and more.

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2. The Wit Gallery. – TheWitGallery.com

The Wit Gallery is the #1 Ranked Art Gallery in Lenox MA. The company is a host of artwork in-house and online for sale from renowned artists from all over the world. Some of the gallery’s artists include Elisabeth Ladwig, Jeff Cohen, Kathleen Hope, Babette Bloch, Tom Jacobs, Serhiy Chapel, Jennifer McCurdy, John Petrey, and more. The company’s owner Lynda Strauch has hosted the art of over a thousand artists and has helped skyrocket the careers of dozens through her mentorship program. The artist and photographer Monika Pizzichemi is the gallery’s director.

The Website: The website’s header displays the galley’s logo (a large “W”) in white, which pops in contrast to its grey-colored background. The main background is bone-white and has an elegant mix of colors, a combination of grey fonts, and grey and charcoal titles. All of the colorful out-door and in-door artwork (paintings, sculptures, photography, vases, and more) is presented in beautiful high-quality photos that would tempt anyone, art lover or not, into becoming a buyer. From the techy computer-using expert to the novice, anyone can manage to purchase this easy-to-use, smooth running, and looking website.

3. The Official Website The MAAP – iamTheMAAP.com

“I am The MAAP” is the name of the brand and the official website of Los Angeles hip hop artist, model, and genre developer, Kam’mryn Watson aka. The MAAP (Money Ain’t A Problem). The young former DJ has worked with top artists in the world of music and is prospering as a rising star. His first full-length album, “All Around The MAAP” is a local favorite and quickly growing national attention. The Lil’ Wayne-inspired artist now has a line of merchandise that is proving to be a hit with his fans.

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The Website: The website introduces the hip-hop artist through a set of eye-catching, artistically shot photos that are also found to be menu buttons as they hover over. The sleek black background makes the images and information on the website appear as if they are floating in space. All of the above mentioned, along with the white font, mixed with the blood-red colored titles and names, bring marketing darkness into the world of the hip-hop genre unlike any seen before. Links to music, videos, social media sites, clothing, upcoming events, press, and more can be found throughout the site.

For more from Rey Rey Rodriguez, visit themindofreyrey.com.

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