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Hitachi Cooling & Heating

Apart from the vast landscape and different cultures, the diversity of India can also be felt through the diverse range of climates the country experiences around the year. From scorching summer to bone-chilling winter to incessant rain, India fascinates everyone in every weather.

Besides the exotic beauty of such diverse climatic conditions, wild temperature variations also mean you need a robust and durable all-weather air conditioner that can turn your home into an oasis of comfort regardless of the temperature outside.

Speaking of all-weather ACs that suit the Indian weather conditions, the Hitachi Cooling & Heating’s Hot & Cold ACs have successfully made a significant mark on the Indian consumers’ psyche because of their quality, design, and versatility.

However, the company recognizes the fact that a good product requires equally good and competitive after-sales and customer service. Apart from ensuring customer retention, good and fast customer service keeps the customer at the center to achieve growth.

The company has developed a mesh of different contact points for the customer. Every query and complaint from the customer is addressed and resolved as quickly as possible.

Automated Channel

This comprises automated response systems through which a customer can register his query without any human interaction.

Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS)

A seamless customer care experience is always a phone call away through the IVRS.

  • The customer will dial the IVRS phone number.
  • The call will be diverted to the automated IVR system.
  • The customer will be asked to enter the registered mobile number.
  • If the number entered by the customer is registered with the firm, the service request would be registered, and the SMS would be sent to the customer’s mobile phone.
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WhatsApp Bot Registration

The new tech-savvy generation that prefers texting can now connect to customer services through WhatsApp.

  • The user sends a “Hi” message from his WhatsApp to the company’s customer care.
  • The WhatsApp chatbot gets activated and asks whether to continue with the same number.
  • The customer will send “Yes” if he is using the same number or send “No” for changing the mobile number.
  • Once the mobile number is successfully verified, the customer will get different options to choose such as registering a new request, registering a new product, etc.
  • Based on the options selected, Hitachi will generate and share the customer request number.
Hitachi Cooling & Heating, India Customer Care App

The customer can download the company Customer Care app and register for various services through the app.

Live Chat Application

This application is available on the company’s official website, where a customer can use a chat interface to gather information without talking to a human.

Non-Automated Channel

Hitachi Cooling & Heating – Dial-a-Care

While a large part of the Hitachi Dial-a-Care is automated, there can be many points where the customer can hit a block, such as not knowing what to do further, not having a registered mobile number, etc.

In such a situation, the customer call will be diverted to a call center executive who would listen to the problem and try to resolve the issue.


The customer can send an email to stating his query or complaint. In response, the customer will get an automated reply confirming his request number.

You can easily contact Hitachi Cooling & Heating, India customer care through the easy steps mentioned herein.

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In the unlikely event of the issue being unresolved for more than 48 hours, the complaint is automatically escalated through in-house protocols that are highly proactive. Finally, a courtesy call would be made to the customer for feedback.

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