Common Mistakes Made by Computer Technicians

Computer Technicians

Mistakes shape the future more than success. You get experience from your mistakes but make sure you don’t repeat them.

Similarly, in the repair business, you can avoid mistakes by using repair shop software, but you also need to teach your employees what kind of common mistakes they can come across and how they can curtail them.

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Following are a few commonly made blunders and errors. It is crucial for you and your employees to understand them.

You are not backing up the data

It is crucial to back up the data before you start repairing the device. It will significantly help you in the case of water-damaged devices because you can’t be sure that the water-damaged device will be saved or not.

But it is not only about water-damaged devices. You have to be careful in case of every repair; you need to back up the data.

It helps in the case you make a software change and it goes wrong. So, backing up your data will save your life.

You are adding to your customer’s worry

Just imagine you are a customer and you go to a computer repair shop with a broken laptop. You give your device to them, and when you receive it, the tech tells you that there is another problem or he was unable to fix it. What will you do in that case?

For sure you will be stressed and will visit another repair shop. So, your tech created this problem because he miss-handled the customer.

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It would help if you were very smart with your customers. The core element of customer service is to lessen the worry of your customer.

In crucial situations, for instance, tech made a mistake while repairing. Your tech must handle the situation smartly because your responsibility is to reduce the worry of your customer.

Just don’t say sorry straight away. Instead, discuss the problem with a senior tech or with your boss and fix the problem.  

You are not documenting repairs

Documentation is imperative for the success of every business. It helps you gather data and use that data to analyze the performance of your business. It also saves you from any liability.

Suppose a customer gives you his device. You analyze the device and identify the problem and take the device for repair. However, while repairing, you realize another issue that wasn’t identified in front of your customer. It is the point where the problem comes in.

While returning the device, he will blame you. So to avoid such kinds of situations, you must always do proper documentation. 

You can conveniently perform this task through a computer repair shop software. It will help you to document details. Repair shop POS software like RepairDesk gives users an option to make pre and post-repair checks lists.

Pre and post-repair checklist helps you to document the before and after the condition of a device. So, it will be apparent to both; you and your customer about the situation of the device. It will not put any liability on you.   

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You are too techy with your customer

As mentioned earlier, customer dealing is imperative for the growth of your business. So, while dealing with your customer, you need to come to their level. Don’t try to be very techy with your customers.

Most of your customers won’t be able to understand your jargon. So, keep your language simple and understandable. It will give your customers clarity, and they will be less worried.

Super-gluing is not the solution

While doing the repairs, never come up with temporary solutions. For example, there was a case in which a tech broke the laptop latch and then tried to fix it by super-gluing it. 

Unfortunately, this resulted in a dispute between the shop owner and the customer.

So you need to discourage your computer technician from using such kind of unethical tactics. 

Don’t try to find temporary solutions. There are few excellent computer shop management software which gives a feature of store credits.

You can calm your customer down with this kind of facility. Offer them store credits and compensate them well.

You are not using cyber security tools

Yes, this is another big mistake you are making while doing repairs. When a customer hand over their device to you, they are entrusting you with their data. So you must have cyber security tools to handle that data.

Having a cyber security tool will help you sensitize your employees regarding the risks associated with cyber security.

Your employees need to realize that there is sensitive information, and they make sure that information is protected.

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You are installing incompatible hardware

Technology changes every day. It makes lots of devices redundant. So you need to take care of this thing. 

Whenever a customer brings a computer to be fixed, try to install the exact hardware that the device previously had.

But what if you don’t have that option? Go for the most compatible alternative. But make sure you keep your customer in the loop. Many customers might not be convinced. At this point, you can get an opportunity to upsell.

Avail of this opportunity and suggest them to upgrade to the new device.

Static can create problems

Do you know what kind of problems static can create for you while repairing? Let us tell you. Static can damage a computer in multiple ways.

For instance, you will get to know that the plug is not working anymore. Or short-circuit your entire machine. So, it would be best if you dealt with it with great care.

Tip: In case you come across static, instantly touch the ground or any other metal object touching the ground.

All the above problems give you a clear picture of how you can give your best by avoiding such mistakes. Mistakes happen, but the best is to learn from them. Learn to avoid them next time and make your computer repair business grow.

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