Felt Hat: How Can You Clean Your Felt Hats Properly?

Felt Hat

The felt hats are preferred by everyone. However, people don’t like the cleaning process of the felt hats. They either don’t know where to begin or are unfamiliar with the cleaning process of the felt hats. The felt hats are made of one of the most delicate fabrics and sometimes the cleaning process can become very confusing. The felt hats will also lose their shape when being exposed to extreme heat or temperature for a long time. The cleaning process of the felt hats is both difficult and time-consuming as they are often sensitive to water. Most felt hats are damaged due to exposure to water. In this article, we will discuss every step to clean your felt hats properly. 

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Make sure you never apply improper cleaning methods for your felt hats. This might damage the internal structure as well as the materials. 

How Do You Wash Your Felt Hats?

After you purchase wide brim felt hatsyou need to take proper precautions to wash them thoroughly. One mistake can ruin the shape of your hat easily. So, how can you clean your felt hats without any problem? Make sure you follow these felt hat cleaning tips so that you don’t cause damages while cleaning your felt hat.

  • If possible, consider cleaning your felt hat without water. If you need to use water, make sure you’re spot cleaning rather than submerging the entire hat in the water. Washing your while felt hat in water is the worst-case scenario. 
  • You can use a soft-bristled brush or fabric brush to remove debris or dust from the surface of your felt hats. You can also use a soft-bristled brush for thorough cleaning. 
  • If you notice oil-based stains on your felt hats, you can remove the stains by applying baby powder or baking soda and letting them sit for 30 minutes. After that, wipe off the solution. 
  • If you need to wash your entire hat, make sure you are hand washing your hat. You should not use a washing machine to wash your felt hats. Additionally, make sure you follow the washing instructions written on the felt hats. 
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How to Wash Felt Hats without Water?

As mentioned earlier, water is one of the biggest threats to felt hats. Therefore, you should wash your felt hats without water for as long as possible. Even though felt is an extremely durable and lightweight material, it is vulnerable to water. As per Natindco, felt is extremely resilient.

Here are a few tips you need to remember to wash your felt hats without water.:

  • Fabric brush: You can use a fabric brush if you notice signs of dirt and debris on your felt hats. If the debris can be removed with the fabric brush, then this is the best cleaning option for your felt hats. If you don’t happen to have a fabric brush, a soft toothbrush will also do the job. 
  • Dry cleaning sponge: Dry cleaning sponges are designed specifically for cleaning purposes. These dry-cleaning sponges are extremely effective at cleaning your felt hats without using any amount of water. If the dry cleaning sponge can remove the debris, you don’t need to use water at all. 
  • Vinegar: Even though this is not suggested, you can put a little amount of vinegar on a microfiber cloth and wipe off the dust. However, make sure you don’t use excess vinegar. 

How to Spot Clean Felt Hats?

If you’ve applied the dry cleaning method in your felt hats but still cannot remove the dust, debris, or stain, the spot cleaning option is your next choice. To perform the spot cleaning properly, you need to use a dry sponge or microfiber cloth. You should put the cloth or sponge under running water so that the material can catch a little amount of water. Make sure the cloth or sponge is not excessively wet or they might damage your felt hat. 

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Once the sponge is wet moderately, use it to clean the stains in your felt hats. If water is not enough to clean the stains, you can use a little laundry detergent. Make sure the detergent is not excessively strong. Consider using gentle laundry detergent. 

Some types of felt hats come with decoration that is not capable of withstanding water. Therefore, while cleaning the hat, make sure the decorations or embellishments don’t get wet. 

Can You Machine Wash Your Felt Hats?

This is one of the most common questions people ask while purchasing their felt hats. Generally, you should not put your precious felt hats into the washing machine. When exposed to water for a long time, the felt will lose its shape and functionality as they are an extremely delicate fabric. However, dry cleaning applies to the felt hats. 

You should also avoid washing your felt hats with warm water. The warm water will undoubtedly cause damages to the shape of the felt hats. 


These are the felt hat cleaning tips you should know. If you think that you cannot clean your felt hats properly, make sure you follow these guidelines. Do you want to buy wide-brimmed felt hats? Contact us today. 

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