Classically Romantic Wedding Dresses from Essence of South Asia

Wedding Dresses

Everyone dreams of one special day in a lifetime and that’s a wedding day. As we see everyone fantasizes about it according to their choice, environment, culture, and style sense. However, everybody wants to make that day the most special, exclusive and of course luxurious one.

Therefore, In the process of planning the whole wedding event, the wedding dress is the most significant and ultimate love for both bride and groom but we can claim that girls are more particular than boys while choosing their wedding dresses.

The idea of Classically Romantic Wedding Dresses is different to perceive for everyone; like in South Asian Weddings, the most popular one is the vintage and timeless wedding dresses.

South Asian Wedding Dresses 

South Asia is culturally the richest and greatest region because of its values, traditions, and of course unforgettable historical events. That’s why all these elements have a great impact on the lifestyle as well as the dressing and styling sense of the people who belong to this region.

Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh, the subcontinent dominate this region of every aspect of life.

In South Asian Weddings, often brides inspire by the significant historical characters for their wedding dresses, some of them play with dark, warm, and bright colors with heavy embellishment and Jewellery.

In South Asian Wedding Dresses, the lehenga Kurti, ghagra choli, sharara Kurti, and sarees are timeless and classic choices for everyone. For this, you can visit IZ Emporium.

Pakistani Wedding Dresses

Our dressing and styling sense have some regional impacts; sometimes our brides prefer Haider Abadi and lakhnawi ghrara Kurti, fashion lehenga choli, Rajasthani saree, Indian ghagra choli, Gujarati ghagras, lehengas, angrakha, shalwar kameez, pathways, and straight pants as well.

Thus, Pakistan has so many fashion designers and stylists who are working on the increasing demand of the fashion market. Nowadays, we have numerous options (online and physical shops) to get unique & Classically Romantic Pakistani Wedding Dresses.

For this instance, you can also see the most popular and multi-brands website to buy such marvelous, exclusive and luxurious wedding dresses.

IZ Emporium is a user-friendly website for shopping purposes, you may visit and select your favorite wedding outfit and add it to your cart or place your orders via WhatsApp and emails, I am sure, you will be amazed to know there is free delivery to UK & USA.

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How to Select a Classically Romantic South Asian Wedding Dress?

1. Selection of Colors       

A classic romance is a feeling, not a material thing that you can see. So the question is how did you find it? As I would say, to create the feeling of classic romance, you need bold and vibrant colors like red, maroon with the combination of gold, and sometimes off white with gold mix and match as you can see on

For example; Zaaviay Dilruba Bridal Couture’ 21 GULNAAZ Gold classic shirt paired with flared banarsi Dhaka pajama in measure net fabric embellished with zardozi, gotta and thread work all over the shirt.

Such as Zaaviay Dilruba Bridal Couture’ 21 Zohra Jabeen Collection with maroon Pakistani Raw Silk Straight Shirt paired with banarasi Plum colored sharara. It is layered with details in kora dabka and stonework in gold and copper shades. These are the perfect examples of Classically Romantic South Asian Wedding dresses available on

2. Theme of Wedding Event

It is quite common nowadays that wedding events are comprised of various themes such as classic or the fusion with some of the contemporary touch. For example; Royal, Mughlai, Rajasthani, Punjabi, Arabian, Turkish, Shehnai, Banarsi,

The Empress themes. If you are planning your wedding event on such themes, you may visit to pick a wedding dress to compliment your wedding theme.

3. Complexion of Women from South Asia

You can find all types of Skin colors in South Asian Women, Fair, dusky, dark, and wheatish as well. If you are dark or dusky, you may opt for dark and warm colors because they will more compliment your personality but if you have fair skin color, you may go with light, pastels, white, or off white colors with gold combinations to create a classic or vintage look for your wedding dress. If you visit you will have not only options for wedding dresses but also a complete styling guide.

4. Traditions or Fusions    

In this modern age, if you don’t want to follow typically traditional ideas for your wedding dress you may make a fusion of traditional and contemporary. For Example; choose a single tone for your wedding dress and combine it with embroidery, gotta, or stonework.

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You can see such outfits on; for example Maryam N Maria ( FREESIA PREMIUM WEDDING Collection OCEAN DRIFT) F-03, Afrozeh Hayat Wedding COLLECTION’21Roshanay, Mahgul The empress’s Dream Wedding Collection’21  onyx, Maryam N MariaMashq chiffonWhisper (MA-06).

5. Influence of Social Media and Showbiz

In South Asian weddings, we see the deep influence of the showbiz industry and social media as well as on the masses. People of this region mostly follow their favorite actors and stars what they wear in film or dramas as well as in their personal lives.

They have special demands and instructions for their designers and stylists to create a similar look at their events like weddings. For this instance, fashion designers already have an eye on the latest trends and styles. As it truly reflects on

6. Time of the Wedding Event (Day or Night)

When choosing the colors of wedding outfits, you must keep in mind the time of the event when it will happen, for example; it will be held on the day or at night. So if you have a daytime event, you should select an outfit comprised of light pastels, or it’s better to choose single tones for wedding dresses.

But if you are a bride-to-be at night or have the dark theme of the wedding event, you should pick dark and warm colors paired with gold embellishment these are the most romantic ideas to have a classic and vintage chic. You may find all these practical ideas on

7. Wedding Seasons & Weathers

South Asia is the richest region on the earth in terms of weather conditions as well. We have spring, summer, autumn, and winter weather. Mostly springs and winters are the perfect weather for wedding events.

So while choosing your wedding dress, you must keep in mind the weather conditions as well, because, in the extremely hot weather, you should not wear dark colors or heavily embellished dresses. After all, it will be quite difficult for you to carry the outfit for long hours.

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In summers or extreme hot weathers, you should select light or airy fabrics like chiffon, measure, or net but in extreme cold weathers, you should not wear these fabrics but banarsi, jamaawar, Pakistani raw silk or something like that. You may select dark and warm shades for your wedding dress in winters or extremely cold weather. Containing all these ideas and guidelines for South Asian wedding dresses are available on     

8. Complete Styling to Compliment Your South Asian Wedding Dress

Who does not want to be spectacular on her special day? Who does not want to create a long-lasting impact on her looks on their special day? That’s why South Asian brides are quite conscious of their styling as well.

Usually, South Asians and especially Pakistani brides like to compliment their makeup and jewelry with wedding dresses. For example; you see our brides with not only heavy wedding dresses but also heavy jewelry and other accessories.

If you are a dark or dusky bride, you should have single-tone makeup with dark lip colors, but if you have a fair skin tone and choose the dark color for your wedding dress, you should have a soft and subtle makeup look with light lip colors.

It will compliment your wedding dress. If you pick your wedding dress from, you can observe here about complete styling guide for your special day. 

Accessible From USA & Canada

Pakistani Wedding Dresses are accessible in Birmingham, Bath, Bristol, Manchester, York, Cambridge, Sheffield, Leeds, Edinburgh, Leicester, Coventry, and Bradford.

We provide you the best quality and class through our Pakistani Wedding Dresses comprised of the theme classically romantic wedding dresses.    Buy Pakistani Wedding Dress from the USA, UK, and Canada to have unique designs, cuts, and embellishments.

You may contact us online through our website, WhatsApp, Instagram, or email, and pick the classically romantic Wedding Dresses from the essence of South Asia to make a long-lasting impact on your special day. We assure you about our quality that will create the most cherished memories of your exclusive day.

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