Guide to Choosing Secured Personal Loans

Personal Loans

Secured loans are a great way to obtain funds for medical emergencies, starting up a business, or similar requirements. Clients prefer a Secured Personal Loan because of its quick processing time and flexible plans.

Not many people are aware of this easy way of obtaining funds, and this article will highlight the features of a secured loan.

What is a secured loan?

A secured loan is obtained in exchange for an asset pledged by the borrower. This gives the lender the security for the amount shown as debt, as they can take control of the purchase if the borrower defaults during the repayment.

The asset secures the loan for both borrowers and lenders as part of risk management in the finance sector. Personal loans come under unsecured loans, but secured individual loan policies are coming up in the market.

Who is eligible for the loan?

Reports suggest that more than 40% of personal loan seekers fall in 41 to 55 years. It could be paying back debts, going on a holiday, sponsoring a short-term educational course, or a fancy wedding.

The eligibility criteria for seeking a secured loan are not too stringent, as mentioned below.

  • Applicant should be 18 years or older
  • They must have residence proof in Australia
  • An asset of the same value must be pledged as security to obtain the amount.
  • Must have a consistent source of income

Unsecured personal loans are easier with lesser conditions in eligibility criteria, but secured loans have their perks. The following section will list some essential features before finalizing your loan. 

What to follow in a secured loan?

Loan offers can be tempting but reading the features of policy is essential. It is crucial to make an informed decision to avoid any discrepancies later.

Best Interest rates

A Secured Personal Loan is given for a short duration of time, and their interest rates are moderately lower than neighborhood moneylenders offer. It is wise to analyze the interest rates offered by different banks and calculate the total amount to be paid back.

Hassle-free Documentation

The net banking facility has made it possible to apply for a personal secured loan in a few clicks without any paperwork. The best solution to avoid documentation is to seek a loan from a bank with an active account.

The bank can fetch all the data required for loan approval, and documentation will be minimal. It is also essential to check the documents needed in other banks to make the final decision.

Loan Amount

Many financing companies and banks have a cap on the amount for a secured personal loan. If the amount required is higher than the cap, it will waste time negotiating with the bank.

Amount Processing Cost

The borrower bears the processing fee of the loan, and it adds up to the total amount paid to the bank. Check the processing fee rate of each bank carefully and calculate it before applying for a loan.

Pledging the asset

Evaluate your asset before pledging it for the loan as security. Sometimes the value of an asset turns out to be higher than the loan amount, and it can be risky. The borrower will be at a loss if they cannot pay back the loan amount in an unfortunate circumstance.


Understanding the basics before applying for a secured personal loan is very important. This allows the borrower to plan the expenses and be ready for unforeseen situations.

Always focus on the terms and conditions offered by the bank to clear your loans without any jolt.

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