Cart Ring: The Latest Heart Rhythm Monitoring Device in the Market

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The CART ring is one of the newest innovations entering the wearable technology market today. It was developed by the brilliant team behind Sky Labs and was designed to improve and revolutionize RPM (remote patient monitoring). Though there are many types of wearable technologies available in the market today, the CART ring has a unique design that offers sophisticated healthcare monitoring functionality. 

Sky Labs, the company behind the CART ring has efficiently designed a device that can provide both PPG and ECG signals to effectively monitor a patient’s health. The company has dedicated its work to supplying patients and medical professionals with convenient platforms that can monitor various health conditions through the help of big data. 

With the CART ring, Sky Labs has offered solutions that can allow treatment based on real-time biometric signals collected through the device. Since the modern medical model is now shifting towards a more streamlined process of patient-professional relationships, the CART ring provides a convenient way to bridge this particular gap even closer.

CART Ring PPG Sensors

One of the many amazing features of the CART ring is its ability to provide and measure PPG signals to monitor cardiovascular activity. This includes efficiently tracking signs of atrial fibrillation which is characterized by irregular and rapid heart rhythms.  

Detecting the early signs of atrial fibrillation can prevent severe conditions from manifesting such as strokes and heart failures. The CART ring is a compact yet powerful device that can provide real-time information gathered from the PPG signals. Through this, doctors can conveniently monitor the patient’s cardiovascular condition without the need for any face-to-face interactions. 

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CART Ring ECG Sensors

Another amazing feature brought to you by Sky Labs through the CART ring is the built-in ECG sensor that can provide supplementary health information to doctors in real-time. An ECG signal can provide crucial biological data that can aid in diagnosing heart conditions. 

It typically displays the patterns of contraction and relaxation of the heart. This is done by measuring the electrical pulses coming from the heart and is sensed by electrodes that make contact with the skin. The CART ring gathers this information and allows them to monitor cardiovascular activity in real-time.  

The CART Ring App

Patients can constantly monitor their health conditions using the CART ring app on their phones. The app is available both on IOS and Android and can be downloaded free of any charge. It can analyze, monitor, and store health data within the patient’s desired period which makes it convenient for providing long-term health information. 

The app also provides patients with a list of medical professionals for their convenience so they can plan the proper type of consultation. Sky Labs also plans to add more features to the CART ring to further help patients and medical professionals across the globe.

CART Ring Size Guide

Sky Labs has designed a way to easily help patients determine the proper sizing of their CART rings. They have provided a QR code that leads to a Youtube video guiding patients on how to determine the right size. Patients can also decide to wear the CART ring on any finger except for the thumb. 

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The company also provides ring models of different sizes which patients are encouraged to test on their fingers for 24 hours to determine accurate sizing. Once the proper size has been established, patients can simply go to the Sky Labs homepage ( and a brand new CART ring will be shipped after confirmation. 

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