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Our drug and alcohol treatment facility in Rehab cape town  provides a holistic approach to treating addiction that enables patients to rebuild their lives and go back to their families. We offer chronic and progressive support to those who are dependent on food, sex, alcohol, heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana, tik, prescription drugs, and other substances.

The Harmony staff is competent, sympathetic, friendly, focused on finding solutions, non-judgmental, and kind in everything we do.

Our rehabilitation approach, which combines the treatment of mental illness and substance misuse, is globally oriented, scientifically supported, and at the cutting edge of rehabilitation thought. This, along with a prime setting and helpful staff, provides our clients the very best opportunity to fully recover within the first several months. We have been assisting those who are battling addiction at the Harmony Clinic’s rehab facility in Cape Town for more than ten years. Are you prepared to release yourself from the grip of addiction? Contact our hotline at +27 (0)21 790 7779 or send an email to if you need assistance.

An elite rehabilitation program in Cape Town, South Africa

Our rehabilitation program is approached from a scientific and medical perspective. We assist our clients in rebuilding their lives and going back to live with their families by fusing the most recent findings in drug and alcohol addiction with the Minnesota Alternative Model of Addiction Treatment.

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The program starts with a detox under medical supervision. Only a few facilities in South Africa have a dedicated detox facility, including us. This, in our opinion, is a crucial step in the process of beginning recuperation.

Our therapy staff simultaneously treats concerns with substance misuse, mental health, and trauma. We assist customers in comprehending how their decisions and actions are influenced by their past and present experiences. Addiction frequently involves a secondary care program that focuses on healing this trauma is available, and it is typically discovered in the first several weeks of rehabilitation. Frequently, this entails an extended stay.

After completing the program, we want our clients to live happy, healthy lives and always feel like a part of our family. Together, therapists and clients create a Continuous Care program that links them to resources both inside and outside of Harmony, including support groups. For customers and their loved ones, we offer a wealth of information, and there is a sizable community of former clients who routinely get together and support one another.

In Cape Town, Getting Sober Living Rehab

While our clients struggle to reintegrate into society and find the inner strength to give up using drugs or alcohol, The Living House is committed to helping them.

Our live-in staff members, who are constantly available to offer advice and aid in creating sustained Sober Living free of addiction, support and guide us in accomplishing this.

With our multifaceted and sustainable approach to recovery, which recognizes and acknowledges the challenges in the fight against addiction, we set ourselves apart from other rehabs in Cape Town. Following our 1, 3, or 6-month residential contracts, we work to help our clients create a life where being sober is feasible, with active Recovery Coaching reducing the likelihood of doing so. We are aware that everyone has a unique road to rehabilitation, which makes this possible. At the Living House, there is no such thing as a “One Size Fits All” strategy. With this in mind, we provide personalized 4 Stage programs for all of our clients, incorporating the fundamentals of the 12 Step journey into a resident’s specific preferences. They must do this to put themselves on the quickest route to sobriety.

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Treatment and recovery from addiction in Cape Town

Visitors to our recovery facility are given many options to keep themselves active at The Living House and its surroundings, which is a key component of treating addiction. The Living House is located in the lush vegetation of Claremont, Cape Town. With Cavendish Centre nearby, there are options for leisure pursuits including bowling, exercise, movies, and public transportation for increased accessibility.

The beautiful Table Mountain of Cape Town towers over you, its beauty is a wonderful way to ground oneself during even the most trying times on the road to recovery. Such majestic nature may dwarf all of life’s issues. Additionally, Claremont is close to Kirstenbosch Gardens, a wonderful place to maintain one’s physical fitness. A guest is encouraged to pursue the next stages in reintegration by becoming productive while still registered in our recovery facility once they have lived sober at the Living House for at least three weeks. In addition to aiding in the fight against addiction, an active, busy lifestyle that keeps the mind and body engaged also helps the resident establish a sustainable future.

This means pursuing education, giving back to the community, or finding employment. Our residents can resume their lives free of addiction or reliance on drugs, alcohol, or other similarly harmful habits with the advantages of a safe, peaceful place to grow as well as a way to find productivity and purpose.

Using our main and secondary sources There is a program at The Living House for any client willing to go on the road to recovery, regardless of where you are in your battle against addiction. It’s up to you to speak out against drug abuse and addiction. Rest assured that although the path to rehabilitation can be a long and difficult one, our staff is aware of the challenges you confront. No one expects miracles from our residents; no matter how long it takes, we’ll be there to support and encourage you along the journey. No matter how tough or challenging the journey, your clean future is firmly within your grasp. We want to make the process simpler so that relapse can be proactively avoided in the future.

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