Cape Town holidays tips

Cape Town

Cape Town is a charming city with rich cultural events and the best five attractions in all of South Africa. When you book Cape Town tour packages, you will need to ensure you are prepared, so your trip will be more thrilling. The more preparation you do before you leave, the less have to hesitate about once you get there. Then you will be free to relax and enjoy the holidays in Cape Town.

Proper clothing

Light cotton clothing is best in the summer. The evenings get chiller so pack hot clothing as well. Dress is usually casual in Cape Town for an evening at the restaurants or theater.

Copies of travel documents and passport

You forever want to ensure you have more than one copy of your travel documents and passports in case you lose them or have them stolen. These are the only means by which you can return to your country, so save them well.

Money for tipping

South Africa currency is known as Rand (R). The Rand is split into hundred cents, similar to the American dollar and cents. You will need to hesitate to carry money with you tip people for service such as taxi drivers, wait staff, hotel staff, etc. Ten percent is a fair tip in Cape Town.

Local driving rules

In Cape Town, every person drives on the left side of the road. Many of the national roadways have tolls so forever bring money with you if you are planning on traveling by vehicle. Seat belts are needed and if you have a young kid with you, you should reserve a vehicle set in advance.

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Local prices

You should have some understanding of the domestic prices, so you do not get shocked or taken benefit of while on things to do in Cape Town for kids. The average McDonald’s meal is R23, bottled water is R5, a ticket to the film is R30 and dinner out is approximately R100 for each person.

Travel insurance

Most services are accessible at private hospitals and doctors in private practice. You should have some type of travel insurance that covers medical costs. Again, it is excellent to be safe than sorry in case something does occur during the trip away.

Safety precautions

Never walk the unpopulated streets of South Africa alone. Do not wear valuable watches or jewelry and keep the amount of cash you carry to the lowest.

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