Buying An Upright Freezer? Here Are the Things You Should Consider

Upright Freezer

Are you looking for a way to store your monthly household food budget? Or do you need more extensive storage for your meats and other frozen goods? Investing in a separate upright freezer could be the answer to your dilemmas!

An upright freezer is one of the two types of the stand-alone freezer, which includes a chest freezer as the other one. As its name suggests, upright freezers are oriented vertically and appear similar to a single-door refrigerator.

Other than providing you ample space for more food storage, upright freezers have other advantages that you can enjoy, such as energy efficiency, increased kitchen functionality, frost-free ability, and many more. So, if you are planning to buy your upright stand-alone freezer soon, this article will provide you with the things you should take into consideration before swiping your card to purchase the appliance.

Superb Freezer Capacity

There are a lot of upright freezers in the market, which include compact, small, medium, and large. These upright freezers are five cubic feet, nine cubic feet, eighteen cubic feet, and more than 18 cubic feet, respectively. Remember that even if you choose to buy a giant freezer, its footprint does not add significantly because these freezers are equally tall and narrow.

Each cubic foot of upright freezers can hold approximately 35 pounds of food. So, suppose you are the type to buy groceries on a bulk or monthly basis. In that case, it is better to buy a freezer with a larger capacity (medium or large) because it is more suitable to invest in a giant freezer than what is anticipated for routine consumption.

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Correct Dimension

Ensuring that your freezer fits through your door and your allocated area in the kitchen is crucial. Hence, it is a must that you size up your location, footprint, and freezer door swing clearance so that you can have the correct dimensions of your chosen stand-alone freezer.

Ample Temperature Regulation

According to Food and Drug Administration, storing frozen foods should be at 0 degrees Fahrenheit or colder. Hence, your good stand-alone freeze must have excellent temperature control. In most cases, temperature regulation has already been pre-set in the factory; however, manually adjusting the temperature is still possible through knobs found inside the unit. Generally, stand-alone freezers that offer colder temperatures are ideal for long-term storage. So, go for upright freezers with a freezing temperature range.

Energy Efficient

Another thing that you should consider with your freezer is its energy efficiency because you do not have to spend so much on your monthly electric bills just because you want to have more significant storage for your goods. It would help if you looking for an upright freezer that works at least 10% operation using advanced technology, excellent features, and better insulation compared to other stand-alone equipment to provide improved energy efficiency.

Choosing the right upright stand-alone freezer can be overwhelming. However, ensuring that you consider the things above can help you narrow down your choices and land with the best equipment in the market. With that, you are ready to invest and get your hands in your stand-alone freezer in no time!

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