Building The First Line Of Defense For Phishing Protection With DNS Filtering

Phishing Protection With DNS Filtering


The crimes in the world are of different types and are categorized into different groups. Some are considered as burglary, then there are financial crimes, white-collar crimes, and terrorism crimes. But in the past few decades, the crimes that are carried out at a large scale and have extreme consequences are known as cybercrimes. These crimes are related to breaches in your personal space with the help of the internet and computers. The criminals or hackers invade the privacy of the system of a person or an organization by bypassing DNS filtering protocols and steal their data and make them suffer huge losses. The increased number of cybercrimes has forced governments all around the world to establish new departments to combat these cybercrimes. Phishing crimes are the most general cybercrimes.

What Are Some Common Phishing Attacks That We Might Experience

The phishing attacks have become daily life endeavors of the general public. The tricksters carry out these attacks with phone calls, text messages via various communication platforms and emails. The tricksters at the end of this job use various tools and techniques to attract the people and get them entrapped in the golden cage set for them. Below we have mentioned some of the most common phishing attacks people experience daily that require phishing protection.

1. Deceptive Phishing
Deceptive Phishing
Deceptive Phishing

The type of phishing in which the tricksters wear the coats of some legitimate organization in their emails to lure people into their trap is called deceptive phishing. They use the tools of deception to entrap people and later on they deliver threatening messages to make the public do tasks according to their likings.

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2. Spear Phishing
Spear Phishing
Spear Phishing

The tricksters cannot fool people easily, and the tricksters are well aware of this fact. So, they make use of some details such as phone numbers, emails, and other personal information to let the people believe that they are trustworthy. Once the people are entrapped then the tricksters start showing their teeth and carry out their intended tasks. They hook people by using their details and credentials. We know this as spear phishing.

3. Vishing

As we are well aware of the fact that most of the phishing processes are carried out with the help of emails but in this particular scenario the tricksters make use of voice calls or phone calls. They do this to establish a personal bond with the people. Once people start trusting the source on the other side then the tricksters start with their phishing techniques and juice that person for their good. We term this phishing process as vishing.

4. Smishing

Since the general public is now aware of the fact that emails and phones are used for phishing purposes so the chances of the success of tricksters have been reduced. This is why now they have turned to a new method. Now they use text messages to lure people into their traps. This particular method is coined as smishing.

How To Tackle These Common Phishing Attacks

Just knowing the phishing attacks is not enough. A person must also know how to tackle such scenarios to benefit the most by using phishing protection such as DNS Web Filtering. Below we have mentioned the details that will help you in protecting yourself from the above-mentioned phishing attacks:

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1.  How To Tackle The Deceptive Phishing

Deceptive phishing can be very easily avoided. You only have to observe the correspondence closely and determine the irregularities. Once you have enlisted a few irregularities in that particular correspondence then you can easily save yourself from phishing.

2.  How To Tackle The Spear Phishing

The spear-phishing can only be avoided with proper education and this education must be carried out on the organizational level. Only then the security of an organization can be assured.

3. How To Tackle The Vishing

Since the vishing attacks are linked with telephone calls so people must avoid the phone calls from unknown or fictitious numbers.

4. How To Tackle Smishing

Avoiding fictitious text messages and examining the details properly mentioned in those texts will help you in avoiding the smishing methods.


The circle of cybercrimes is increasing with every passing day and a person must not fall prey to such fraudulent activities. To avoid such situations a person must have proper knowledge along with details of tackling the particular issue. Only then you can consider yourself safe.

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