Broken family: Restoring ties

Broken family: Restoring ties

Family is an important part of everyone’s life. They provide a nurturing environment, are a part of your immediate support, and are a source of solace.

However, having a bad relationship with the family also then has an equally powerful response then. It leads to emotional pain and anxiety.

A broken family might also lead to extreme grief; naturally, when you lose people you love, it has a grave impact on your life.

It may also lead to depression and stress, meriting treatment from the Best Psychiatrist in Lahore then.

Estrangement: Some common causes

There are many reasons for becoming estranged from your family. Some are healthy; if you are part of a toxic family, or if your family was verbally or physically abusive, cutting off ties is a survival tactic.

However, there may be some conflicts that do not necessarily have to be big, but the reaction they get is severe enough to cause a rift between the family. There are also issues with the partners as well, which then makes the family politics even worse.

Some people may also cut off ties with their family due to emotional problems with the family or issues they are facing, like disrespect, lack of support, hurt, etc. Economics also plays a role in relationships as well.

Restoring ties

Sometimes, you do get tired of the constant pain that estrangement brings, and you want to restore ties with your family.  After all, messy, problematic, and whatnot, they are still your family. They are still part of your past, and blood ties are not so easy to give up on.

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If you want to reconnect with your family, here are some things you can do:

Apology is good

Just like your family hurt you, you might also have hurt them. Therefore, to restore the ties, it is important to acknowledge the hurt. Do not use the moment to go on defense, you cannot dispute someone’s emotion.

Therefore, understand their pain, talk about yours, and forgive each other for the bad memories. Set off to make good ones.

Accept an olive branch

If your family reaches out to you, rather than holding on to your ego, accept their olive branch. Holding on to grudges can be extremely exhausting. Anger takes a lot of energy. And you do kind of miss the good moments you have had with your family.

Hence, end the race, and accept their apology. Once you back to your family, do not use the period of estrangement to dredge up bitter memories.

Do not try to change

You cannot change people, and neither should you try to. Everyone is an adult and knows the difference between right and wrong. It is not your job to offer judgment and set out to correct their ways, into something you perceive to be correct.

Accept your family as it is. That is what loving someone entails, taking them with their flaws and all.

Remember the good

Rather than being fixated on the bad, you need to remember the good times. Use the good memories to soften your heart, and it will make mending ties easier.

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Understand their perceptive

You are not the one wronged always, perhaps you did the wrong by your family. Therefore, you must understand their perspective. There are two sides to every story, and it is crucial that both be heart to paint a fair picture.

Do not put up with toxicity

If someone is toxic, then you do not need to put up with it. You deserve better than that. However, do tell your family about their toxic trait, and put it as something non-negotiable. If they decide to change, then you can work on restoring ties.

But do not return to a toxic environment. It will lead to mental health problems, that then require treatment from the Best Psychiatrist in Karachi then.

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