Breaking Down Sports Betting by State

Sports Betting

The Pew Research Center recently declares that 19% of adults in the United States admit to sports betting in the past year, especially as more states work to legalize the practice. The laws for sports betting vary for each state.

But which states allow sports betting, and what are the current laws? This will help you as you enter the wide world of online and land-based gambling.

If you want to dive into sports gambling, it is important that you understand sports betting by state. Keep reading for a rundown of where all 50 states stand on sports betting today.

Which States Is Sports Betting Illegal?

Regulations surrounding sports gambling are changing quickly. There are some states that are changing to allow sports betting. However, there are states where it is both not legal and does not have any current pending initiatives to change it.

  1. Alabama
  2. Alaska
  3. Florida
  4. Georgia
  5. Hawaii
  6. Idaho
  7. Kentucky
  8. Minnesota
  9. Missouri
  10. Oklahoma
  11. South Carolina
  12. Utah
  13. Vermont

If sports gambling is a hobby or a source of income, you do not want to live in these states.

Sports Betting by State

While it may be legal in other states, there are various forms of legal betting. Not every form of sports betting is okay. Also, some of these states are pending making sports gambling legal.

Let’s look at the status of each state and what they offer.


In April 2021, Arizona passed a bill allowing for sports betting, including online wagering. Also, Arizona is allowing some of the country’s first in-stadium sportsbooks. They are rapidly reaching the top of the most popular states to place sports gambling bets.


While it has limited sports betting since 2019, it has now expanded in the state of Arkansas. The Arkansas Joint Budget Committee completed new rules on February 22, 2022, to bring sports betting online. Before, it was just three casinos that would offer in-person activity, but this option remains.


While they have not been offering online or in-person sports gambling, recently, California is amending its Constitution. Proposition 26 is legalizing sports betting at Native American tribal lands and also allowing it at horse-racing tracks for adults the age of 21 and over.


After Colorado voters approved sports betting by a narrow margin in the November 2019 election, subsequently, in May 2020, they placed legally the first online and retail wagers. Colorado’s market for sports betting is now flourishing. They have many robust options, including 26 apps like FanDuel and DraftKings.

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This state has multiple options for full mobile betting. In May 2021, Governor Ned Lamont came to an agreement with Mohegan and Mashantucket Pequot tribes to allow them to run online sports betting. The Governor also allowed the state lottery to run it as well.


On June 5, 2018, Delaware was the first state, besides Nevada, to allow sports bet of a legal single game. Their sports betting market is lottery-run but still prohibits online betting. This leaves the state with only three retail sportsbooks.


On March 9, 2020, Illinois launched in-person betting and, in June 2020, they launched online betting. Today, Illinois is a part of the top five states for a handle in terms of dollars of bets and tax revenue.


On October 3rd, 2019, Indiana went live with its online sports betting. A month later, Indiana began their first in-person bets. They are the 13th state to allow sports betting.


On August 15, 2019, Iowa began accepting sports bets. Since then, it has been growing. They have some of the cheapest licensing fees, and they are home to over a dozen online sportsbooks.


In 2022, Kansas legalized sports betting. As of September 1st, they are accepting in-person and online betting, just in time for the NFL sports season! Kansas is enjoying one of the fastest sports gambling launches of any state.


Louisiana voters legalized sports betting in November 2020. Their law allows for up to 41 different apps. There are currently seven online sportsbooks, including WynnBet, DraftKings, FanDuel, and BetMGM.


The legalization of sports betting is pending in the state of Maine. There will be new updates soon.


During the 2020 election, Maryland voters made sports betting legal. This state has the longest go-live period to date. Operators in Maryland could fully launch on November 23, 2022.


Projections for Massachusetts are to expect legalized sports betting, both online and in-person, in early 2023. Stay tuned for more updates!


On March 11, 2020, the MGM Grand Detroit, Michigan proudly launched in-person sports wagering. In 2021, online sportsbooks were launched. Today, there are 15 of the best sportsbooks, including DraftKings and BetMGM, which is the maximum per state law.


This state was on the earlier side, launching in-person sportsbooks on August 1, 2018. While Mississippi technical has mobile wagering, the only way to place bets is when you are inside a casino.

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Like Mississippi, the state of Montana allows mobile wagering, but you must place your sports bets at a property that is a retail location. Because of this technicality and the state’s sparse population, overall, this is a lower U.S. market for sports betting.


There are no online sports betting in Nebraska. In-person betting is pending.


This state is the gold standard with in-person betting, but not for online wagering. Before you can bet online, you must register as a bettor in person at a casino.

New Hampshire

There are only a few retail betting locations in this state. However, although they went live on December 30, 2019, with online wagering, the only mobile operator currently is DraftKings. Further, they do not permit you to bet on their in-state colleges.

New Jersey

This state is the one that brought sports gambling in front of the Supreme Court. Now, they are the third state that can enjoy taking legal sports bets, offering a competitive, operator-friendly system to bettors. New Jersey has 21 online sportsbooks and has room for more, at least 20.

New Mexico

There is no current legislation to legalize sports betting in New Mexico. However, since October 2018, the Native American tribes are still running in-person sports betting because of their interpretation of their gaming compact.

New York

On January 8, 2022, New York began allowing online sports betting, and they did so with a bang! Every other state is trailing, breathing only their dust behind them.

North Carolina

This state is the front-runner to legalize online sports betting in 2023. They have legal in-person sports betting, though, for two tribal casinos.

North Dakota

North Dakota is not making moves to legalize sports gambling. The state tribes offer in-person sportsbooks, though, because of the authority that the federal government grants them, like New Mexico.


Ohio is looking to offer both online and in-person sports betting soon! They are on target for January 1st.


The officials in Oregon are allowing the state lottery to take sports bets. There is one mobile betting option in this state.


In 2018, Pennsylvania became a part of a handful of states to allow legal retail sports. Their digital launch began in 2019, and today remains among the biggest markets in the United States.

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Rhode Island

This state has one mobile betting option. Since 2018, Rhode Island is offering retail sportsbooks at two commercial casinos.

South Dakota

South Dakota offers in-person sportsbooks only, opening its first retail sportsbooks in September 2021. They currently granted authorization to Deadwood casinos and some tribal gaming facilities.


Tennessee has no casinos. Therefore, they are the only state to offer online sports betting only.


Currently, the state of Texas does not allow in-person or online betting. However, if you live in the great state of Texas, this is how to bet on sports.


Since January 2021, this state offers online sports betting, now home to over one dozen operators. Still, Virginia lags in terms of handling and tax revenue, even though it is close to Washington D.C., and Maryland, where betting has many more limitations.


Here, there are only in-person sportsbooks. Legalizing their sports betting as of March 25, 2020, only some tribal casinos have the authority to take sports bets. It doesn’t look like statewide mobile betting will take off soon for the state of Washington.

West Virginia

Fully live since August 2019, West Virginia offers full mobile betting, but has a few mobile operators. These include FanDuel, BetMGM, DraftKings, and William Hill. While the market here is not large, bettors in the state of West Virginia at least have options for sports betting.


Governor Tony Evers and Oneida Nation together have had a deal since July 2021 to permit the Oneida Nation tribe to offer retail sportsbooks at their casinos. There is no deal in place for wagering on in-state college sports or to allow statewide mobile betting. Wisconsin currently has in-person sportsbooks only.


This is only the second state to allow online betting even though they do not have any retail sportsbooks. Online sportsbooks are live since September 1, 2021, in the state of Wyoming.

Sports Gambling by State

There are a lot of nuances for every state with sports gambling, but the laws are constantly changing. Keep your eye on how things develop for sports betting by state in the coming years.

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