The Benefits of Cuddling Stuffed Animals for Children and Adults

Boy sleeping with teddy bear

As a new parent, it’s often a cause of wonder when we consider how children cling to certain toys. This, in many ways, influences the kind of toys we buy for them. Buying a particular toy that will make your child happy should trump buying one because of its aesthetics. If you have ever wondered why your children love playing with stuffed toys and love clinging tightly to them, you’re not alone. Here are some answers from different experts. jellycat is also one of the best toys for kids that make your child happy.

Not just a toy

According to a renowned psychologist, stuffed animal toys provide way more than just aesthetic value for children. Stuffed toys have significant psychological value and were classified as transitional objects. He further buttresses that these stuffed toys are regarded as transitional objects because of their ability to relieve any over-dependency on any adult caregiver the child might have. Stuffed toys give the child the opportunity to experience support, security, and safety outside the borders of the relationship with the adult caregiver and so it serves the purpose of being more than a mere toy.

Provides comfort in unfamiliar environments 

The veteran psychologist reveals that children often seek solace in these stuffed toys in times of distress. Additionally, if the child ever feels lonely or uncomfortable in a strange or unfamiliar environment, stuffed toys give the child a sense of familiarity and make the experience a bit bearable. 

Children often find going to school or sleepovers a lot more bearable if they bring along their stuffed teddy bear. 

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Releases Oxytocin 

It is generally known that by cuddling or physically clinging to soft or comfortable materials like a teddy bear, a unique hormone called Oxytocin is released. This hormone is responsible for the feeling of sudden calm and the lingering soothing feeling. Humans generally are drawn to cuddly and soft things. This occurs irrespective of their age, whether they are adults or kids. 

Sentimental Value

Many adults fall into the category of people who still have stuffed toys from when they were children. Although many may feel embarrassed about it, these stuffed toys from their childhood often hold a sentimental and symbolic place in their life. Sometimes, the actual teddy bear may not matter so much, but what it symbolizes and the memory it elicits. 


The process of cuddling soft toys helps children become more nurturing as they grow up. This is also true for children that cuddled with baby dolls growing up. Children who have received adequate care and love do not find it difficult to be gentle and caring. This is because this instinct is a product of the love shown to them. The instinct to be gentle and caring is usually embedded in children who have received a measurable amount of love. Some kids will often make beds for their stuffed toys, host pretend tea parties, and even “feed” them. 

Lastly, when children inevitably become tired, afraid, or overstimulated, teddy bears often act as effective soothing aids.

In conclusion, stuffed toys are manufactured to be soft and cuddly for a great reason. Not only are they comfortable to be snuggled against, but they also help kids to handle several changes in their developmental journey. 

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