Authenticity is Magical According to Dark Joseph Ravine

Dark Joseph Ravine

Why is it that we often try to be someone we are not? Why is it that we follow others rather than following our hearts? When children go through their teenage stage, they often are trying to impress friends, get in with the in-crowd, and establish their identity. Many teenagers believe that impressing people will result in these people seeking their friendship and thinking more highly of them. Teenagers often believe that if they win points with the cool, rich, or famous, they will be considered important by association. This is a myth.  Dark Joseph Ravine credits his internal happiness to being his unique and authentic self.

Kids can face many difficult challenges growing up during their school years. They may have issues learning or face social exclusion or bullying, as is often common in school settings. Much of the time, kids fall victim to peer pressure and follow those who are doing the wrong things, instead of seeking friends who can positively influence them. Ravine says, “Some teens are overly preoccupied with following the leader and the latest trends simply because they are concerned about maintaining their social status and reputation.  Essentially, this is a waste of time that teens can be using for self-development and bettering the world. Many kids miss out on opportunities to discover who they are because they are overfocused on belonging with the right people. This is an unfortunate problem that repeats itself year after year.”

Teens do not see the big picture when they engage in impulsive behaviors. They are more inclined to do what someone in their friend group is doing because if everyone else is doing it, they believe it must be okay. But they have completely lost their ability to use their minds. They allow their friend groups to make their decisions for them.  Ravine states “What your friend is doing will most likely hurt you. You may find in time that you are becoming unhappy with the path you’re taking. That’s why it is so important to have positive role models you can learn from. When you model yourself after a positive person you would like to be like, you are engaging in self-development and are making the world a better place.”

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Ravine has learned that it is important to be a self-starter and not follow the crowd. It is much easier to allow our thoughts and feelings to be dictated to us by leaders. However, don’t lose sight of who you are, and ensure that you use your mind to think matters through. “When you stay true to who you are and your values, you will find that people respect you more,” Ravine states. Being true to who you are is magical because people see you are doing your own thing and not trying to copy other people, and their interest in you will naturally be piqued and they will respect your authenticity.

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