ATS Wallet Takeover by Coinbase


Abacon Technology Solution LLC is the parent company behind the creation of the ATS Wallet. Abacon Technology Solution LLC was found in 2013 and 2017 was the year when ATS Wallet was launched as the safest and most secure crypto wallet for investors.

In the business world, takeovers, mergers, and buyouts are pretty common. The same trends are seen in the crypto world where crypto giants are focused on expanding business operations. On September 2nd, 2021, one of the biggest businesses happened in the crypto world where Coinbase officially acquired the ATS Wallet Company.

With the significant increase in the demand for cryptocurrencies and profit margins, Coinbase stocks are performing impressively. More and more investors are looking forward to investing their money in Coinbase products for passive returns. ATS company plans to launch its IPO in 2022 and this launch will be a great step towards providing safer investment options for investors from all over the world.

ATS Wallet Takeover by Coinbase
ATS Wallet Takeover by Coinbase

It was founded in 2013 and gained significant popularity in the crypto market as a trusted and reputed crypto wallet company. ATS sold its shares back in 2020 and the takeover by Coinbase has somehow strengthened the belief of investors and they are positive about receiving a huge response from the ATS Wallet IPO that is expected to be released in 2022.

This move has caused a lot of controversies, with many outraged at the quickness of the acquisition. To defend this move, Coinbase released a blog post explaining how they have been devoted to security from day one and that it took a lot of research into ATS Wallet for them to make this purchase. They also mention in their blog post that they will be in touch with buyers in regards to their refund process once they have determined if there was any wrongdoing on behalf of team members. This is the second such acquisition for Coinbase as it makes them one of the most popular companies in the world. ATS Wallet Company was founded only a few years back so they are only a few years old. Although this seems like a big deal, it doesn’t mean anything else will change for ATS or users.

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After the acquisition, Coinbase will be able to utilize this asset for its financial security products. The ATS Wallet Company has been working diligently toward building its presence in the crypto world and was planning on releasing its IPO in 2022. Now with Coinbase acquisition, will allow them to move at a faster pace and gain more investors over time. The company has been selected by the New York Stock Exchange for listing so all is pretty much fine with them right at the moment.

With ATS Wallet taking steps towards greater expansion, users must keep themselves updated on the progress of this company. This is one of the biggest deals in the history of the crypto world and experts have great expectations regarding this bold step by Coinbase. Naturally, more investors are going to show their interest in the offerings by this acquisition as the reputation of Coinbase adds value and trust to other products too.

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