Future of Artificial Intelligence in Dentistry

Artificial Intelligence in Dentistry

In the last two decades, the world has made tremendous advances in technology and it has affected many aspects of human life. Dental health has also benefited from technological advances. Intelligent toothbrushes, virtual reality, laser technology, and 3D printing have fundamentally changed the landscape of dentistry.

The next major topic in dentistry will be the use of artificial intelligence in diagnosis and treatment.

How is AI Currently Used in Dentistry?

In dentistry, AI is used for a variety of applications. For example, it is used in voice commands such as DEXvoice.

DEXvoice, created by Simplifeye and DEXIS is the “Alexa” for the dentist. DEXvoice manages to pull things like X-rays, patient records, and charts. The DEXvoice solution creates a “hands-free” approach and can ultimately speed up the dentist’s work, as the technician or assistant does not have to constantly try to find documents, X-rays, and diagrams on the computer. It also makes the work area cleaner and safer because you don’t have to take off and take off gloves to use a computer.

Any dentist who has done any treatment for tooth decay knows how painful the process can be. Isn’t it great if the treatment with artificial intelligence can be faster and less painful?

Interpreting X-rays

Interpreting X-rays and planning treatment is one of the most important skills a dentist needs to master. Still, they are some of the most difficult skills to develop, especially since most images are not visible to the naked eye. At the moment, AI is helping with food identification.

Pearl Dots, an AI company, has launched a cloud-based AI application to detect cavities on dental X-rays. He named this new clinical device dentistry. This device contains thousands of X-ray images that act as a data set.

This algorithm is trained to identify patterns with large amounts of data. Another Industry 4.0 technology, blockchain, guarantees the robustness and validity of this data for all system participants.

AI enables better identification of tooth decay by analyzing bone density.

Accurate interpretation of X-rays and 3D images requires a lot of experimentation, and AI Assistant makes the job much easier, as millions of images have already been evaluated. The artificial intelligence algorithm, trained with thousands of X-ray images, achieves a high degree of accuracy in predicting tooth loss.

The Chair-Fill program developed by AIMGM Fusion has also brought us a Smart Assistant – which can help improve dental procedure schedules by contacting patients to coordinate treatment that is still available. Not complete.

On the one hand, it’s about finding out what kind of patients need teeth to fill calendars when possible; on the other hand, it’s about communication and coordination with those patients.

The program works like an intelligent assistant. It can also be linked to a marketing system to launch a new patient marketing campaign says Health Practice Digital. The most profitable strategies and algorithms are scrutinized to determine which campaigns are underway and for which purpose.


While AI systems are becoming more and more integrated into people’s daily lives and represent a meaningful and consistent addition to life, some challenges are associated with them.

People are afraid of change, including artificial intelligence. In this context, therefore, consumers must always know why a particular decision was made. Understanding the reasons for decisions not only ensures transparency but also increases acceptance.

Another challenge for the future is the “distortion” of data. Artificial intelligence machine learning – can reach unbiased results, the output data must be free from any kind of distortion.

In moral and legal matters, in particular, we have a long way to go before we can rely on the use of strong artificial intelligence. According to Kreitzer, global agreements are necessary for this – but given the geopolitical situation, this seems to be a utopia.

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