Applications of Diamonds in Health and Beauty


We are well aware of diamonds as one of the most precious gemstones that dazzle with a shine. Mostly, we find its visible application in different types of jewelry. Women of all kinds have at least one diamond piece of jewelry that enhances their grace in outlook. But we can now see that diamonds have other uses as well.

Fortunately for us, diamonds contribute a lot towards health and surprisingly in beauty. This is why diamonds are cultivated in bulk these days. Experts have discovered the various qualities of a diamond, and so have advised collecting more of these. But diamonds aren’t easily available since they are very difficult to mine and take years. So, to increase the availability, they have now found the perfect conditions to make diamonds artificially in a lab. These are diamonds are widely used for such applications and are known as lab-grown diamonds.

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A tiny piece of a diamond can help in health care. We know that they are used in different tools to make them more efficient. In this way, a small one is sufficient to aid in cancer treatment. The nano-size ones can add to the drugs of chemotherapy to increase the effectiveness. As they reach inside the body with the medicines, the cancer cells can’t fight with them to remove the drugs and make them useless. So, the treatment works well and faster, reducing the pain. One might be skeptical if diamonds will harm our digestive system. The answer is no since they are smaller than a single hair to make any impact. They also help the doctors to monitor the progress inside the body. Since the cells are compatible with them, light is reflected to see everything. 

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This amazing reflective property can also become useful in treating blinds. At present, researchers are studying to find ways for making bionic eyes. Using diamonds, they can carry out eye implants to remove blindness permanently. As interesting as this sounds, it will be also fun to have diamond eyes to see the world.

Some dental tools have used diamonds to help with cavities. The tip is given a tiny one to make it sharp and abrasive to reach every difficult area around the tooth. Other similar applications are also common like radiotherapy, x-rays, laser treatment, and so on. All these health treatment methods have become upgraded with the use of diamonds.

Perhaps the best part about synthetic diamonds is their use in beauty. Mainly facial makeup and cosmetics use the powdered form, including a spray. Some special facials and exfoliations help to remove cellulite and wrinkles. The exfoliation genuinely brings a huge difference to the skin. We also get ruby facials to have a unique glow and beauty.

Considering all these new amazing functions, the diamonds must be in abundance for continuous supply. Otherwise, all these treatments for both health and beauty will become expensive for the common people. Hence, artificially grown diamonds need huge production to keep with the demand.

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