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Working from home

Working from home is currently the current fad for employees and employers. As a matter of fact, even before the Covid 19 pandemic, a lot of people had been leaving their 9-5 office jobs and decided to try their luck in working in the comfort of their homes. It is no longer required to work full-time in an office to be a valuable employee, thanks to ever-evolving technologies.

This guide is intended for both managers and employees who are transitioning to working from home. These helpful tips can help you be more efficient and get more out of the experience.

Before jumping into the wagon of working from home, are you up for the challenge? Here is the helpful career advice to working from home from An Bui of Online Career Accelerator.

What Is Working From Home?

Work from home refers to work performed remotely rather than in an office. The concept is known by the acronym “WFH.”

During the Coronavirus global pandemic, many organizations moved their employees from the office to a work-from-home model. Working from home is frequently used to describe a temporary situation when an employee needs to be at home for a specific reason that day or complying with orders closing “non-essential” businesses. For example, when an employee needs uninterrupted time to finish a large assignment, they may choose to work from home.

Working from home can put new strains on your physical and mental health. To build good routines to avoid reverting to bad behavior. You are in charge of designing your working environment at home, which is typically quite different from an office.

You’re probably accessing your company’s data and systems so are cautious and keep it away from your family members or any persons at home. Take all of the precautions you would if you were working in an office, and then some. You must also take care of your mental and physical well-being.

How to Be Successful Working From Home

  1. Know your biggest “Why”

Before taking that huge leap of faith, know your reasons why you want to shift into working from home. What are the reasons that pushed you to make this decision? Is it because of your current situation, financial goals or just challenging yourself to grow out of your horizon?

You need to have this specific reason why you decided to change the course of your career so you’ll have a clear vision of what and where you wanted to be. Your reason for this shift will also help you cope up when things are hard or when things are not the way you wished them for. Knowing your “why” will keep you grounded and will give you a sense of pride and determination to finish what you started.

  1. Figure your “Battle Plan”

After you decide on the reasons why you are doing this, you have to figure out the necessary steps to achieve your goal. Would you test the waters first by applying to small tasks and side hustles before finally leaving your office job? Would you enroll in upskilling courses first and improve your skills then find work.

You can choose anything since the options are limitless. But you should never dive into something you are not familiar with. The best way to start is to familiarize yourself with the niche you want to explore and join groups that will help you figure out the right career path for you.

  1. Prepare your equipment and tools

You should prepare your equipment especially if these will not be provided by the company or your employer. Research the minimum unit specifications for the certain niche or job that you are aiming for and buy it. Having a working computer or laptop is one of the (usual) requirements for work from home jobs.

Investing in a good computer might hurt your budget but it’ll be worth it once you land that job and deliver optimal results. Aside from the computer, have enough internet speed that you need for your daily task. Your client will never know how efficient you are if you always submit your reports late due to slow internet.

  1. Set up boundaries

Bringing home and work together is a chaotic combination. Talk to the people you live with that you will be working on certain hours and are expecting them to be quiet to avoid any distractions. Set up a certain space where you are allowed to work without any disturbance.

Make sure that it is a different area from where you relax.  It is not a good idea to work in a certain space where you watch tv or sleep instead work from a table or a desk somewhere that becomes a morning routine where you work.

If you have kids, it is better to talk to them beforehand and explain that you are working and could not attend to them at all times. Have someone to look for them so you will not be worried that his or their needs are not attended while you are not working.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the terms of Working From Home

Your clients could come from anywhere. From payments to shift schedules, things do not work the same in this realm.  You should familiarize yourself with different payment methods available to you and the future client to avoid any hassle on both ends.

Make sure that your time is on par with your clients to avoid missing any meetings or deadlines. You also have to familiarize yourself with different tools and applications such as remote work monitoring software that employers or clients are using. Take the initiative to learn these apps even if no one is asking you to.

  1. Watch out for scams
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One of the challenges that you will encounter while job hunting is scammers. They usually pose an offer that will be hard for you to turn down especially if you are desperate to find a job. The job offer or job post usually contains a “too good to be true” offer that usually is. Examples of scams are:

  • Asking you to pay a deposit to secure your spot in the company.
  • A very high pay that is usually not the amount range for that position.
  • Asking you to pay first for the “equipment” you’ll need for the “job” then you will be reimbursed after a few days.
  • Asking you to receive money from them and send it to another person

Tons of examinations or “sample tasks” before telling you that you didn’t make the cut

Wrong grammar and wrong position of punctuation marks

In any job, there is an application and an interview. Anybody who is legitimately looking to hire a perfect fit should want to meet or talk to the applicant. Never go through a “job offer” that is sent by an unknown email. Legitimate companies or job hunters should have a domain email with their company name on it.

Be wary of clicking links from emails posing as job offers or job posts since they may contain viruses or malware that will hack your computer system. We all want a job but not at the expense of our security and safety. Be vigilant and keep your eyes open.

  1. Stick to your work schedule

When you are working from home. You usually become too lazy to start working or too focused that you do not take breaks from working. Either of these scenarios could cause major problems and ruin your work-life balance. You can miss deadlines set by the client and do not deliver the expectation of your employer.

The second one could disrupt your harmonious work scenario and could be an avenue to be a workaholic. You should set your work schedule for you to know when to take your breaks and when to stop working and religiously follow them.

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Why is it that working from home is more efficient?

Working from home is more productive for the following reasons: fewer distractions (remote employees may establish a distraction-free workplace), greater flexibility (remote workers can work during their most productive hours or in their most productive surroundings), and higher happiness (remote workers are proved to be generally happier, take fewer sick days, and stay productive).

Working at an office encourages you to stay focused and on task. Whether it’s turning a spare room into a home office or putting a desk behind the couch, try to mimic this working environment at home. Space should be pleasant, free of additional screens (TVs, Xboxes, etc. ), and equipped with everything you will need to do your work.

When you concentrate intensively for shorter periods, you might be more productive. Time yourself for a couple of hours to see how long you can work without being distracted. If you can work for 30 minutes without being sidetracked, for example, keep working at this speed throughout the day. Set a timer after each break and work for the next 30 minutes without interruption.

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You can do an amazing job and enjoy the perks that come with it if you approach an unexpected work-from-home situation with the appropriate mindset knowing that you may be putting in more effort than before. Could you need some assistance in striking that balance? Become a member of the Online Career Accelerator today. You may obtain professional guidance, job search recommendations, and communication tips from afar as a member to help you be an outstanding team member.

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Get the Right Work-From-Home Guide From Online Career Accelerator

Working remotely can help companies increase productivity, reduce turnover, and cut costs, while employees benefit from the flexibility and lack of a commute. To work efficiently from home, make sure you have the necessary technology. A distinct workplace, adequate Internet connectivity. A manageable schedule that you can keep to, and a social media channel to stay connected with remote teams.

Working from home can be exciting, powerful, and even profitable, but using Online Career Accelerator can make it much better. The Online Career Accelerator is a 10-week digital marketing and career training program that provides a step-by-step guide to working from home.

Students can take advantage of the Online Career Accelerator, which offers a thorough, in-depth, full-length course on a variety of essential Digital Marketing topics. They don’t just help students with mentorship. However, they also provide post-training resources to help students with job applications, interview preparation, and drafting a professional CV and cover letter.

The importance of coaching and assistance in someone’s success cannot be overstated. You will need coaches who can help you become a more successful person and can teach you how to get a job in Digital Marketing. In today’s world, where everyone is looking for work. You need to stand out from the crowd. That is why the Online Career Accelerator is here for you.

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They provide expert Digital Marketing training as well as teaching their students how to find work and find their clients. Their coaches will show you how to get a job in a matter of weeks. They discuss job boards, interview preparation, how to dress, and what to say during the interview.

They recommend basic digital skills for beginners or those with no prior experience who want to work from home full-time or part-time or an entry-level job.

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