Advantages of Practicing Semen Retention

Advantages of Practicing Semen Retention

In the pursuit of discoveries, men have stumbled upon the benefits of semen retention. These benefits of semen retention date back centuries. Although the men in those times were not fully aware of its scientific implications, they took advantage of its mental, spiritual, physical, and sexual effects.

There are no known disadvantages of semen retention and so, men only enjoyed the inherent benefits, and while we continue to learn more about its physiological and psychological implications, we can appreciate what we already know. You can read more here.

What happens when you consistently practice semen retention?

When semen isn’t ejaculated, it inevitably gets absorbed into the body. This, many believe, can result in the elevation of testosterone levels in the body. On many occasions, semen retention could result in a diverse range of benefits that extend beyond just physical benefits.

  1. Mental benefits associated with semen retention 

Over the years, men have attested to a couple of mental benefits that have resulted as a result of practicing semen retention. Some benefits you may enjoy include both emotional and mental improvements from prolonged semen retention. You will also notice significant stress reduction, anxiety relief, and even improved motivation. It will be easier to complete tasks around the house and practice self-control. 

Although the research available on semen retention is not conclusive, practicing semen retention may be able to help you capture the strength and vigor you may have lost over the years. 

  •  Spiritual benefits associated with semen retention 

Practicing semen retention can also result in benefits like improved satisfaction and self-contentment. Men have reported improved happiness levels in their lives as a result of not engaging in ejaculation over a while. Although the experience may birth different spiritual benefits in different people, the general idea remains the same. Some men have reported having a deeper and more intimate relationship with their partner as semen retention helped them focus on other parts of their relationship like communication. 

  • Physical benefits associated with semen retention 
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As we earlier stated, there is a pressing need for more research on the benefits of semen retention. However, the existing research proves that most of these physical benefits are synonymous with elevated testosterone levels. Here are some benefits of elevated testosterone levels; 

  • Improved muscle growth.
  • Stronger and thicker hair.
  • Improved sperm count and motility.  
  • Improved energy levels.

These benefits are long-lasting, and they manifest almost immediately. The effect of elevated testosterone could also extend to having both mental and emotional advantages. 

  • Sexual benefits associated with semen retention

This is one of the most prevailing advantages associated with semen retention. Most men who practice withholding ejaculation for a long time have noticed a significant improvement in their sex life. 

They can maintain longer and more intense orgasms during sexual activity. In more ancient times, this is practiced in tantric sex, and in modern times as edging. This involves reaching the point of climax, taking a break, and beginning all over again. According to the International Society for Sexual Medicine, this practice acts as a great method of improving the feeling of orgasms. Some men may use this practice as an exercise to help in curbing premature and weak ejaculation.

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