About in-home care services and caregivers

About in-home care services and caregivers

Home care is a set of activities of a socio-health and community nature, which is carried out in the person’s home to detect, assess, support, and monitor the person with health problems and their family, enhancing their autonomy and quality of life. SNAH in home care services makes your life easy and comfortable.

The home thus becomes a space that can contribute to the quality of life of the elderly with the collaboration of the home caregiverssince the family context is a facilitating environment. That allows them to face the tasks of daily life and satisfy their needs, both physical and emotional.


Assistance service is provided by a personal assistant who performs or collaborates in tasks of a person’s daily life in a situation of dependency to promote their independent life, promoting and strengthening their autonomy.

Benefits of in-home care services 


No one likes to lose their independence, especially an older person. They feel that they are losing their privacy and dignity simply by getting older. A home care service can help make the transition more bearable, supporting the patient when he feels comfortable and deciding when he needs help with his routine activities.

About in-home care services and caregivers


We know that caring for a family member can sometimes be overwhelming and exhausting. The only way to take care of them was to admit them to clinics and visit them constantly. 


Home care services focus on health-related care and offer personalized assistance to patients. 

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As they age, the vast majority of older adults find it challenging to carry out activities on their own. It is at this time that a caregiver becomes the best solution.


If your loved one has multiple prescriptions, it means they need to have a medication schedule and someone who can organize it for them. In this way, you will not forget any treatment during the day. 


A home care service is a cost-effective option compared to the costs of a clinic. A night in a clinic can be double what a home service costs. Likewise, a home care service prevents the need to go to a nursing home or other more expensive types of care.


If you don’t know what type of nutritional plan your family member needs to stay healthy, you probably need this service. Adults over 65, people with chronic illnesses, and recently discharged patients are often at very high nutritional risk. 

Nutritional advice is essential to avoid any complications in the future. This includes homemade recipes, advice, and diets designed for the patient and their medical history.

About in-home care services and caregivers

How you can track in-home care

SNAH software:

You can easily track your in-home care services with a single software. Many services include in-home care. You can get everything in just at a single app. only SNAH software is one, and only that provides you multiple services in one app.


SNAH is a home care services provider you can hire to care for your family members. You can give high-quality care services to your family members, and you can also track all the processes with SNAH software, where you get 

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Medical Facility Management, Pharmacy Management, Caregiver Management, 

SNAH EMS Management and many more.

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