A Guide to Solo Travel in the UK

Solo Travel

When you’re planning on taking a solo trip, choosing the right place is extremely important. You need to ensure you have plenty to see and do alone and also that you feel confident and safe moving around a new place.

The UK offers a variety of activities suited for any preferences, making it a versatile country and one that should always be on your bucket list. Even if you live in the UK, you might not have explored other areas of your country, such as relaxing coastal retreats if you’re usually used to a bustling city environment. Therefore, taking a solo staycation can be just as rewarding as traveling to the UK from overseas.

Why Solo Travel?

There are many benefits to trying solo travel, which include:

  • Being able to take a spontaneous trip without worrying about other people’s schedules
  • Saving money by sticking to your own budget
  • Discovering more about yourself
  • Spending quality time alone
  • Stepping out of your comfort zone
  • Having the freedom to create an itinerary suited to you without compromise

A Guide to Solo Travel in the UK

Take in Some Museums

The UK is awash with museums no matter where you go, whether it’s the National History Museum in Edinburgh or the National Gallery in London. Museums are a great choice for solo travelers, especially those who want to learn more about the culture and history of the UK and beyond. Most museums are also free to explore, making it a great activity to do alone, which won’t break your budget.

Meet New People

UK people are very friendly, especially in rural places, so it’s a great opportunity to meet new people if you’d like to socialize. Solo traveling doesn’t have to mean that you avoid other people altogether, and you may even make a new friend with another solo traveler you meet along the way.

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There are plenty of opportunities to meet new people in the big cities, like London, too. Or you can browse Playgirls London for an escort service if you’d like to use solo travel as an opportunity for fun and companionship.

Take Advantage of the Different Transport Options

There are many ways to get around the UK, and it might be a good idea to try a variety of options to make the most out of your visit. The UK has some of the most scenic drives throughout the country, so renting a car can be a fantastic option if you’re a lover of the countryside and have great stop-off points. When you move into the busier city centers, trains and the Tube are good options if you want to be in the thick of it and don’t want to worry about parking.

Try Smaller Accommodation Options

The UK has a host of more intimate family-run Beds & Breakfasts, so this is a great option if you’re looking for more local information and to feel cared for during your solo journey. Especially if you’re looking at more rural places to stay, planning for B&Bs with local friendly guides is a great option as opposed to chain-run hotels.

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