9 Creative Ways to Help You Remember to Take Your Prescription Medication


Taking prescription medication isn’t always the easiest thing to remember. When so many things happen in our daily lives, it may seem almost insignificant. Before we know it, we’ve gone through our whole day, and meds were never remembered. 

No one wants to have to get back up at night just to take medicine. 

Some of these prescriptions even require you to take them at the same time every day. How are you supposed to remember to take your medication when it’s not something you’ve done regularly before? 

This is where it’s time for a few tips and tricks to help you remember. Below are 9 creative tips to remember to take your medication. Stop forgetting one of the most important things in your day. 

1. Start a Checklist 

Checklists make your day run smoother. Make up a checklist that allows you to mark things off. This will be a physical reminder for you to take your medication. 

You could even make your checklist one that is devised by the hour. This will make your day organized and complete. You could even find that you can fit more things into your plans this way. 

Checklists are often used when it comes to medical situations. Why not extend this to taking your medication as well? 

2. Alarms Could Alert 

Set yourself a special alarm that lets you know when to take your prescription. An alarm can be as simple as programming your phone to alert you. Any style of alarm that goes off and cues you in to take your medication can be beneficial to you. 

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Set your alarm for the same time every day to get you into the routine of taking your pills. 

3. Maintain a Pillbox 

Pillboxes are made to help you navigate taking your pills. They can be sold assets that have slots for daily pills. Some of them can be removable and taken with you on the go.

These pillboxes can be purchased at your local drug or container store for a relatively low price. They also work well when you travel or if you’re often on the go. 

4. Leave Yourself a Sticky Note

Those bright sticky notes are known to get your attention. Decorate a sticky note for yourself that tells you to take your medicine. You can write yourself fun notes as reminders. 

Sticky notes are an inexpensive way to leave yourself little reminders. You can also write yourself notes that tell you when it’s time to call about a refill. Click for more information about an easy way to refill your prescription. 

5. Write It in Your Calendar 

A calendar is known to house your daily to-do list. Add taking your pills to your calendar for an easy reminder. 

Try to make your reminder go off at the same time every day. Or, put your calendar somewhere that you will see it every morning for a simple reminder. A calendar can remind you with just a simple glance. 

6. Buy a Sign

Signs can be great indications that you’re supposed to do something. A sign that tells you to take your prescription could be the reminder you need. Some of these signs also have indications to switch to after you take your pills. 

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Find one that tells you to take them. This way you always have a reminder right in front of you that taking your medication is something you should be regularly doing. 

7. Trigger Song in Your Playlist 

Do you have a playlist that you listen to every morning? If you do, then find a song that you can associate taking your prescription to. This will trigger you to remember to grab your meds. 

Certain words and songs can act as reminders. Let one of your favorite songs be your cue to take medication. 

8. Take It at the Same Time Everyday

Muscle memory reacts well to repetition. It’s been shown that when you do something at the same time every day you’re more likely to remember it without alarms. 

Take your medicine at the exact time every day and you should be able to remember it a little easier. Many different medications will also require to take it at the same time daily so that it works.

9. Place Your Medication in Plain Sight

The best thing you can do when possible is to place pills where you can see them. By doing this, you can see them whenever you pass by them. It will give you the cue that you should be taking them.

Repetition often leads you to develop a habit, so this will be a good pattern to get into. 

Having your medication in plain sight not only keys you in to take it. It also reminds you when you need to order more of it. It could also normalize taking medication for any younger family members. 

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The Most Important Thing Is to Take Your Medication

These tips should help you when it comes to remembering to take your medication. Set alarms, leave yourself notes, or even get in the habit of turning your medicine bottles upside down. This is an important process for you to start remembering. 

Come up with fun ways to remember to take your medication. The remembering part will eventually come easy to you. You just need to make it part of your daily routine. 

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