8 Ways to Keep Calm Your Girlfriend when She is Angry at You


Being together with a different person requires a lot of commitment and patience. The reason why lovers always get things going is that they share a similar kind of understanding. Sometimes they are so in love; some other times they are angry with each other. However, they both love each other and do not want to be apart. Therefore, if your beloved girl is angry with you, here are 8 pro tips to calm your girl down.

1. Give her a Warm Hug:

Hugs are the best healers in the world. A warm embrace radiates positive energy that reduces all the stress of the mind. Your girl has every right to be angry with you since she loves you the most. Now you must calm her down as well. Every time she is angry with you, give her a tight warm hug. It is scientifically authentic to release the stress of the head of the person as well. A hug makes the brain induce Oxytocin hormone that relaxes the body and the mind. Especially if the embrace is from the most beloved person of her life, it would relax her the most.

2. Apologies with Flower Bouquet:

People think saying sorry means to be inferior, submissive. It is the reverse. The people who apologize to their beloveds have the most powerful and kindest souls. They always look for bigger good things. Next time your beloved woman is angry, apologize to her even if you are not guilty. This would make her see how hard you are trying to fix the problem. A bouquet of her favorite flowers from romantic flowers delivery in Spain site along with a small ‘I am Sorry’ note would melt her down.

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3. Surprise Gift:

Women love gifts, especially surprises. To reduce her anger and make her happy is easier when you plan to send them to surprise gifts. It is best to send her gifts that are her personal favorites- a bouquet, chocolates, books, jewelry. You can choose to send her a chain of surprise gifts till she smiles. Make sure you add a sticker on each gift writing the word ‘sorry’. It is rather a more convenient gift for a long-distance relationship. If she is living abroad, it is best to send gifts online to Spain or wherever she lives.

4. Talk to Her:

The best way to fix any problem is to talk it out loud. It often happens that lovers keep their anger inside till it becomes unbearable and then outburst. Though couples are people in deep love; still they are two different people who might not like something about each other. Every time something like this happens, the quickest and easiest way is to sit and talk it out with her. If the home is not the right place, take her somewhere out and talk. You being the first person to take the first step would make her feel how important it is to be resolved. It is one of the best ideas to make your girlfriend happy

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5. Be Sweet to Her:

When we are angry, we are loud, be childish and be very revengeful. You have to be patient and understanding when your beloved girl is angry. She will behave with you rudely; might ignore you as well. The other person should not lose their cool; he or she should not behave badly with her. Rather one should treat her sweetly, with care and utmost love. This would make her identify her mistake, would melt her down. Thus the problem would be fixed.

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6. Treat Her with Yummy Cake:

Cakes are the best things in celebration. To end a fight of course deserves a celebration. Even if it has not ended, this cake would surely do. You can order a cake online that is her favorite. Or, to add a touch of personalization, you can bake the cake yourself. It would not be as tasty and as decorative as it looks in the pictures or the tutorials. But the effort you would put to bring a smile to her face would melt her. It would be more special to her as it is personally baked by the most beloved person of her life.

7. Make her Feel Loved:

Sometimes, people feel that their significant others do not love them anymore and that might make them react to every little argument they have with their beloveds. Any time your beloved woman is angry with you, make sure you shower them with love. It can be cuddling, making her favorite dishes, bringing her favorite clothes, or even taking her out. Such affectionate activities would reassure your love for her and she would calm down.

8. Bring a smile with chocolates:

The most convenient and easiest successful way of turning one’s angry face into a giggling one is chocolates. Chocolates are the prime mood settlers for anyone; a universal solution to every problem. A basket filled with your girl’s favorite chocolates will make their anger vanish just the moment she receives that huge basket of temptation with an apology message. Such a gift would make her eyes teary and she would give you a big hug for being such a true gem.

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Anger is a very deceptive emotion that can ruin a whole relationship if not channelized properly at right time. Above are the best ways to calm your beloved angry girl down to fix everything. 

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