7 Insights For Floor Sanding You Need to Know

Floor Sanding

Is your floor starting to look dull due to high foot traffic on it? Do they look dingy due to dirt? Or maybe scratches on your floor have made your floor dull? Then floor sanding is the best way to unlock the hidden beauty of the floors. By sanding the floor, you can bring back its original glory. But before starting the sanding process, here are 7 insights that you need to keep in your mind.


The first thing you should consider before starting the sanding is the expenses. The cost of sanding the floor depends on the area of the space that you want to sand. It all depends on the total area per square footage and the floor sanding company you are hiring for the whole process. If you want to sand the floor on your own, it will be more expensive for you. 

You have to spend the money on buying all types of sanding equipment and tools, including a sander, safety gear, finishings, and much more. That’s why hiring professional sanding services is the best solution, as it is cost-effective. HH floor sanding Perth also provides floor sanding services at very affordable rates. Moreover, they bring all the latest equipment and tools with them. Their floor sanding Perth prices are very reasonable.

Concluding the Damage Area

If your floors are in bad condition – badly worn out, the color has faded, have scratches on it, looking dull, then it needs an extra treatment to get back their original look. But if your floors are not in that type of condition, don’t use a heavy sander on them, just use sandpaper for the refinishing. But if the floors are badly damaged, do the whole sanding process. Professional sanding teams firstly examine the area and then start the sanding process accordingly.

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Times Take for Sanding Process

The timeline of the floor sanding process depends on the total area you have to cover. Professional floor sanding Perth team always completed the sanding project within the given time. Usually, the process takes a few days because you have to sand and seal the floor and let them dry to avoid any accumulation of moisture. Then applying new coats also takes one to two days. HH floor sanding Perth are enough professionals and is highly skilled to handle any sanding project.

Preparing the Floor Before Sanding Process

Before starting the sanding process, it is essential to prepare the room. There will be no furniture in your room because furniture can create hassles for the workers. Moreover, don’t enter the room until the finishing will dry because it can damage the finishing. Try to empty the room as much as you can.

Establish a daily Cleaning Routine

It is necessary to know how often you should clean your floors. Keeping the floors clean helps to prolong their life and retain their original shiny look. After the process of sanding, you can establish a good cleaning routine to maintain the new finishing of your floors. You can sweep, vacuum, or mop the floors at least 3 to 4 times a week. Also, do deep cleaning once a month to keep them in good shape.

Hiring Professional Sanding Team is the Best Decision

If you don’t have enough experience in sanding the floor or never refinished the floors, then hiring a professional sander in Perth is the best decision. Sanding the floor is a time-consuming and expensive process. Hiring HH floor sanding Perth will save your money and provide high-quality sanding services. You don’t need to spend money on buying floor sanding supplies. They bring all the latest machinery, tools, or equipment with them to ensure the best results. 

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Moreover, all the sanders of the HH floor sanding company are licensed and insured. If any mishap or damage happens during the sanding process, they will pay for it. But if you hire any floor sanding team that is not insured or licensed, you will face all the issues if any mishap or injury happens with them. You can also check the portfolios or testimonials before hiring services to ensure whether they provide high-quality and best services or not. 

Furthermore, the HH floor sanding Perth team is highly trained to achieve any task professionally. They have enough experience in the sanding process and use their special techniques to handle even a full streaky or patchy floor.


Having hardwood floors in your home always gives an elegant and stunning look. If you want to retain the beauty of your floors, then taking care of them is necessary. No one likes a dull-looking floor. If you want to sand the floors, then remember one thing that every floor has specific properties, and you must treat them accordingly. Professional sanders Perth always know how to deal with the floors according to their specifications. Contact HH floor sanding Perth for the best results.

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