7 Great Reasons to Take a Trip to Dallas

ttrip to dallas

Over 27 million people visit Dallas each year.

With a tourist industry of $5.2 billion, it’s clearly a popular destination. But what exactly is it about Dallas that makes the journey worth it?

Let’s take a look! Read on for these 7 reasons to take a trip to Dallas for your next vacation.

1. The Food

Texas has a long history of fame for its barbecue and Tex-Mex, so it’s only natural for Dallas to be strong in this area. It’s not uncommon for the best barbecues to run out of food each day, having to turn people away, so book early. Taco Tuesdays is a lifestyle that isn’t complete without a frozen margarita.

But Dallas has so much more to offer than these cuisines too. Elaine’s Kitchen will present you with some of the best Jamaican food you’ll ever eat. Don’t forget to visit the food marketplace at Trinity Groves as well as Dallas’ food festival.

Even the salad game in Dallas is strong! Beck Prime is the place to go. Have a look to find out more about why their salads stand out from the crowd. Dallas is making its name across every aspect of the food scene, and you’ll want to get a piece of that pie.

2. The Shopping

In Dallas, shopping isn’t taken lightly. The Dallas-Fort Worth area has more shopping malls per head than any U.S. city. Dallas can boast as the home of the Neiman Marcus lead store. It also has Highland Park, the oldest shopping mall.

You’ve got Galleria Dallas, West Village, NorthPark, and more. Whatever your style and fashion needs, Dallas can meet them. So if you’re planning a trip for shopping alone, ditch New York and give Dallas a try. It won’t disappoint!

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3. The Sports

Another top reason for visiting Dallas is the sports scene. Dallas-Fort Worth plays host to no less than five major sports teams, which are:

  • Texas Rangers
  • Dallas Stars
  • FC Dallas
  • Dallas Mavericks
  • Dallas Cowboys

On top of that, you have a very strong scene. There is the iconic Red River Showdown between the University of Texas and OU. It’s safe to say that if you’re an avid sports fan, Dallas won’t leave you wanting more.

4. The Variety

When you talk about Dallas anywhere in the world, people always say, “Is it like that show Dallas?”. The answer is no; there is so much more to Dallas that TV has ever portrayed. In fact, the pop culture of films and TV hasn’t ever done Dallas justice.

That doesn’t mean that you won’t find small pockets of Western culture that will remind you of Walker Texas Ranger, or Dallas. That’s very much a niche scene still in the area. Then there are the high-end areas that won’t look out of place on The Real Housewives of Dallas.

One thing that’s true though, is how surprised first-time travelers are when they visit Dallas’ urban heart. They find out that Dallas is not like that stereotype Texas has earned around the globe. What makes it one of the best travel locations is its diversity.

You’ll find people from all over the world calling Dallas their home. It’s a major hub for technology leaders and other large businesses. There is a thriving nightlife, music, and art scene too. You won’t run out of things to do and see in this city.

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5. The History

For those history lovers, this is one of the biggest benefits of traveling to Dallas. But as you’ll well know, this iconic city is often placed in the shadows of the Alamo and San Antonio.

In 1841 Dallas came to be, and it’s famous for its contributions to inventing. It’s the home of the microchip as well as the laser tag. A fun fact is it’s also the place where the phrase “Super Bowl” originated from.

Doc Holliday, jazz star Huddie Ledbetter as well as Bonnie and Clyde all make their mark on Dallas. One of the saddest and most iconic aspects of Dallas’ history, though is that it was the place where John F Kennedy lost his life.

Dallas’ history isn’t always good, but there is plenty to dig into and explore. With a host of museums, such as The Sixth Floor Museum, you’ll leave Dallas knowing something new about the city to wow your friends and family with.

6. The Outdoor Space

One of the Dallasites’ favorite things to do in Dallas is to spend as much time outdoors as they can. If you love the outdoors, it’s a perfect time to fit in with the locals.

There are many coffee shops with dog-friendly spaces, rooftop bars, and stunning parks. It’s got the perfect place, whatever your passions to make the most of that fine Dallas weather.

Two of the most popular park spaces in Dallas are White Rock Lake and Klyde Warren Park. There is also Trinity River which will boast a 10,000-acre nature park. That’ll be twelve times the size of Central Park!

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For those who love biking and hiking, there are 22,000 acres of parkland to explore. Dallas has a further 125 miles of trails too, for more of a challenge.

7. The Latino Influence

Dallas boasts a population that is almost 43% Latino. This makes it one of the largest Hispanic populations in the U.S. Oak Cliff and East Dallas are the hub of Latino culture in the city.

You’ll find authentic cuisine in restaurants such as Gonzales Restaurant. If you want to cook yourself, visit shops like El Rio Grande Latin Market for the best ingredients.

There are literary events to explore, salsa nights, and more. Expect the big events to go with a bang, too, for festivities like Cinco De Mayo and Dia De Los Muertos.

Make a Trip to Dallas Your Next Priority

With great food, sports, outdoor activities, and culture, a trip to Dallas has it all on offer. Whatever your passions and hobbies, you won’t get bored.

It’s also the place to try something new and move out of your comfort zone. The possibilities are endless in Dallas, so what are you waiting for? Jump right in!

If you enjoyed this article, make sure you check out our other blog posts. We’ve got travel tips and tricks to make your next vacation one you’ll never forget.

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