7 best road trips to take around the world

7 best road trips to take around the world

Road tripping is a really great way to see lots of different places in one go and moving your car abroad is now made much easier with companies like a1autotransport.com. With all of the hassle of hiring a car taken out of the mix, it might be your time to take that long-awaited road trip you have always dreamed of.

There are some truly fantastic road trips you can take to see some beautiful and diverse parts of the world. Below we’ve listed our top seven best road trips from around the world to give you some options for your road trip!

Route 62, South Africa

A long stretch of highway between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, Route 62 offers a range of beautiful sights as well as lots of fantastic wineries to stop at and try the incredible local wines. This route offers some good hiking opportunities too with a long list of famous trails to explore.

The Alcan Highway, Canada to Alaska

This route takes one day and seven hours if driven non-stop and offers views from magnificent lakes and stunning mountain ranges to wildlife like bears and wolves! The route also has some great places to stop off like the Liard River Hot Springs as well as some fantastic hiking trails. For the best of the Canadian/Alaskan wilderness, check out this route.

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Great Ocean Road, Australia

A famous road trip for obvious reasons, this Australian road tripping route comes with a diversity of geographical beauty from mountains to oceans to national parks and local wildlife. With famous beaches like Bells Beach and Apollo Bay along the way and other attractions like Otway Lighthouse and Australia’s Shipwreck Cove, you’ll spend more time out of the car than you will in it!

Amalfi Coast, Italy

This is the perfect option if you have a vintage convertible lying around and you want to pretend that you’re a movie star from the 1920s – but it’s also great if you have a regular car too. The Amalfi Coast can offer some of the most beautiful scenery Italy, and even Europe has to offer with some fantastic food and wine along the way.

Milford Road, New Zealand

Located on South Island, New Zealand, Milford Road is a great place to see some of the natural beauty that the country has to offer. Take a trip down The Avenue of the Disappearing Mountain for a fun optical illusion, and head out to see the pristine waters of the Mirror Lakes and see why this is such an Instagrammed part of the world!

Causeway Coastal Route, Northern Ireland

If you’re not too bothered about the weather, this route from Belfast to Londonderry can offer some dramatic and beautiful natural scenery interspersed with a UNESCO World Heritage site, famous filming locations, castles, golf, and much more. Famously featured in Game of Thrones, enthusiasts will recognise the landscape and anyone journeying on this road must head out to Giants Causeway to see the incredible natural rock formations there.

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North Coast 500, Scotland

And finally, another road trip for those who aren’t too bothered about the weather. This Scottish route takes you right into the heart of the Scottish Highlands, starting in Inverness. With castles, coastal scenery, and whiskey distilleries all against the backdrop of the magnificent Highlands, this route shows of the best of the Scottish scenery.


Whether you want food, wine and culture or hiking, natural scenery, and a glimpse of the wild, there is a road trip out there for you. We’ve listed our favourite here but there are tonnes more for you to choose from, so have a search and see if you can find the perfect road trip for your vacation now!

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