6 Types of Mixer Grinder Blades and Their Uses  

6 Types of Mixer Grinder Blades and Their Uses  

Nowadays, it’s impossible to imagine a kitchen not equipped with a mixer. There is a risk that the household will explode without a mixer grinder, not just because mixing and grating has become easier with usage but also function as more like an appliance for food processing.

You can slice, cut and paste, and grind to create the dough and mix different ingredients with an electric mixer. For all of these purposes, various kinds of grinder blades are required.

There are a variety of mixer grinders designed for particular purposes. Let us look at a few of the different types of blades.

Different Types of Blades in Mixer Grinder

The blade used for dry grinding

Many kitchen ingredients, such as coffee beans and spices, require dry-ground. Thus, the dry grinding blade is crucial.

There are usually four blades with blunt edges that grind spices into the powder you want. Two blades are angled downwards and two upwards so that the herbs are ground finely.

They are also referred to as pounding knives and usually come with small grinding containers.

Blades that are used for grinding wet

If you imagine wet grinding as a way to make the batter for idli dosas, dosas, or other food items, Wet grinding blades are ideal for you. The blades used include four arms and sharp edges that allow for an even batter.

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Again, two blades are bent upwards and downwards to ensure that no wet materials are left unaffected by the pounding but create a decent batter. You can also make ginger, onion, and tomato purée with these blades.

Blades to mash

If you’re searching for mixer grinder blades for mincing use, you should use the blades for mincing. They may have two or four arms, each with sharp edges. However, the angles of the bend are smaller.

They can cut cucumbers, onions, other fruits and vegetables, cashews, and coconut. You can also make mincemeat using these blades.

Whipping blades

There are many times when one has whip curd, cream, and numerous other products. The whipping blades are the perfect choice to do this. The edges are set in a circular disc, making them ideal for use with large mixing containers.

Juicer blades

Although they’re not offered as standard equipment with many mixers, many customers purchase them independently. The name suggests that these blades are ideal for making juices.

These four blades’ arms are very long and thin and can pump into delicious juices.

Chutney blades

There is no way that Indian food is complete without the chutney. So, chutney blades are essential in mixer grinders used in the kitchen. The chutney blade has two arms, and however, their edges have been sharpened in dry and wet grinding locations.


It is essential to have different blades of a mixer grinder that meet specific requirements. Some are attached to the jar, while others are offered as standard accessories; however, others must independently purchase a few of the above blades.

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Make use of the blades with care to cook to perfection in a well-organized way.

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