6 Reasons Why Having Flowers in the Office is a Good Idea

Flowers in the Office

Are you as a business owner, always looking for ways to improve your office environment? Have you given any consideration to adding more greenery to your workspace?

The term biophilia hypothesis refers to our desire to be near nature. Since we can’t all work in a nature reserve, getting our fill of nature can be challenging. Other than relying on your service for flower delivery Toorak-based, is there another way to get close to nature? Often it can be tricky when you live in a large city, so educate yourself so you can incorporate plants more effectively into your lifestyle.

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Why Having a Plant on Your Desk is a Good Idea

With the modernization of office spaces, there is often incredibly little exposure to our natural environment. The only real interaction some people have to nature is driving past the occasional tree or shrub on the commute to and from work.

Various scientific studies have shown that adding indoor plants to your office space can have positive benefits for employees and the organization in general. Read on to discover a few reasons why adding plants to your workspace is a good idea.

Stress Reduction

Flowers are commonly referred to as nature’s antidepressant. Simply being around, or even looking at living plants elevates moods and lowers general feelings of stress. Many medical experts believe that being around flowers releases dopamine, also known as the feel-good chemical in the brain.

Arrangements of fresh flowers can easily replace feelings of work-related dread and anxiety with more peaceful and positive feelings.

Clean Air

It’s a well-known fact that living plants provide better air quality. The right types of plants will absorb toxins such as carbon dioxide and provide clean, more breathable air. Fewer allergens and toxins in the air will make for a healthier work environment.

Clean air not only reduces the risk of respiratory illnesses but can also clear up a host of different skin irritations. With cleaner, natural air, you can also eliminate other common work-related ailments such as headaches.

Boost Creativity

Workgroups that integrate living plants and flowers in their environments also report increased levels of creativity. It’s believed the reason for this stems from the brain switching to a more relaxed mindset when being close to nature. This in turn changes core processing and increases concentration and creativity.

Memory Recall

Spending your day in a sterile office can be draining and uncomfortable if the hours are long. It’s also a well-known fact that long hours can be taxing on your memory. The scent of specific flowers may result in increased memory recall and concentration. Roses are among the more popular blooms when it comes to memory enhancement.

Calming Effect

If you work in an environment that could be quite stressful, it might be a good idea to include several potted plants and fresh bouquets around the office. The scents of flowers trigger a calmer reaction to a stressful situation. Breathing in the fragrant smell of fresh flowers can easily decompress an anxious situation. This can be beneficial to customers and employees alike!

Attractive Office

Aside from the benefits, fresh flowers have on your employees and guests, there’s no denying the aesthetic value. Flowers in a workspace add a bright and colorful touch. Guests will instantly connect with your beautiful surroundings and feel welcome and relaxed.

Best Flower Options for the Office

While some flowers are visually more appealing than others, certain blooms are better for the office. Some of the flowers you should consider filling your workspace with include the following:

  • Carnations:Work well within a mixed arrangement, have a delightful aroma and last for about two weeks.
  • Tulips:Create a feeling and thoughts of spring and evoke positive thoughts.
  • Roses:Both elegant and classic, roses reduce stress, have a stunning fragrance, and can easily have a vase life of two weeks.
  • Daisies:Available in a variety of colours with a vase life of up to 14 days.

Tips for Keeping Office Flowers Fresh

Many people shy away from fresh flowers in the office because they consider them to be high maintenance. But, by following the right guidelines, and choosing the right flowers, maintenance can be easy.

Follow these few tips to keep your flowers looking fresh:

  • Keep the flowers out of extreme temperatures and away from drafty areas.
  • Don’t put flowers near bowls of fresh fruit as that will make the flowers wilt faster.
  • Put your flower arrangements away from smoking areas as smoke reduces the lifespan of a fresh flower.
  • When it’s time to change the water, throw out the wilted flowers and wash the vase out. Bacteria in the vase will cause the other flowers to wilt faster.
  • Add flower preservatives to enhance the lives of your flowers.
  • Trimming the stems at an angle allows the flowers to absorb water more freely.


Placing a few vases of fresh flower arrangements around the office won’t only add to the ambiance of your environment but will also improve creativity and productivity. Additionally, everyone will be in a calmer, less stressed mood which can only be good for business!

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