6 Popular Careers in Nutrition and Wellness

Nutrition and Wellness

About fifty-one percent of Americans decided to make health and wellness a priority. That’s compared with the twenty-seven percent said they’d put financial stability first. This was last year in 2020.

Careers in nutrition can help you learn about health and wellness. Consider becoming a wellness coach if you want to help people achieve their wellness goals.

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We’ll tell you all you need to know about nutrition jobs and how we can help you. Keep reading to find out six careers in the nutrition and wellness industry.

1. Nutrition Aide

A nutrition assistant helps patients get the food they need while in the hospital. They also help patients who have special dietary needs like lactose intolerance.


A nutrition assistant must follow correct procedures and prepare trays for patients. They also have safety procedures they must follow and report hazards as they notice them.

2. Wellness Coach

A wellness coach helps people reach their personal goals. They help clients achieve their help and wellness goals and stay on top of their routine.


A wellness coach also teaches their clients to stay energetic and solve problems. They also help their clients stay motivated.

3. Nutritionist

One of the most high-paying nutrition jobs is becoming a nutritionist. The nutritionist works in the healthcare industry… sometimes alongside nurses and doctors.


They help many patients lose weight, manage the disease, and so much more. Nutritionists work with their patients and help them maintain nutrition and wellness.

4. Dietitian

Dietitians have a skilled certification separate from nutritionists’. They do have similar jobs, though.

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nutritionist at work
Female nutritionist at work writing documents on a clipboard with fresh fruit in the foreground

They help patients stay well and promote nutrition and wellness. And they diagnose and assess their patients’ problems… when it comes to health and wellness.

5. Food Technologist

Food Technologist
Food Technologist

A food technologist designs and organizes shelf-life studies. They also conduct sensory testing and so much more. But their main job is researching to improve food.

6. Nutrition Assistant

A nutrition assistant works with patients and helps them set goals. Together, they create a nutrition-based program for the patient.

They may also help their patients with assessment forms and other tasks. They work in many settings and fill various roles.

Studying the Field of Nutrition

If you’re interested in the field of nutrition, some of these jobs may interest you. Do some research before deciding on your career path in this field. Bradsby Group may help you find nutrition jobs that are right for you.

Careers in Nutrition: What You Need to Know

If you love helping people live their best life, a career in nutrition may be right for you. Researching careers in nutrition is the best way to start your journey and find your niche.

The nutrition and wellness field is full of many jobs. Examples include a nutrition assistant, a food technologist, and a wellness coach. But these aren’t the only jobs you can find within this field… there are plenty more.

Before choosing the best job for you, make sure to do your research. For more careers in nutrition, check out our website.

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