6 Everyday Foods to boost Collage

Foods to boost Collage

 Many people use collagen-based products but are unaware of what it is and what it does for your health. Collagen is a protein that is present in your body and binds together. It is especially beneficial for the skin as it is responsible for the elasticity and strength of the skin. Collagen production decreases as you age. It results in lower skin elasticity, causing fine lines and wrinkles. Collagen is used in the form of supplements in many dermatological procedures. Sometimes, premature aging can also occur, and a Skin Specialist in Karachi may suggest ways to boost your collagen levels.

Best foods to boost collagen

Collagen is available as supplements and pills, but adding collagen to your diet through food is a better idea. The best way to increase collagen is to add foods that increase collagen in your body. Here are a few foods that help in raising collagen levels in your body:

1.      Bone broth

Beef bone broth is one of the richest sources of collagen. It is easy to make at home by boiling the bones and extracting nutrition from them. You can add spices to enhance its taste. It can improve your skin and hair. Apart from being a collagen booster, it is also a good source of iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and many other essential minerals that can benefit you in many ways. It is beneficial for skin health, bone health, and gut health.

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2.      Fish

Like other animals, fish contains connective tissues and bones that have collagen. Almost all parts of the fish contain collagen, but the highest collagen is in parts we usually do not eat, such as scales. Eating fish with the skin on may contribute to more collagen in your body. Research shows that your body absorbs collagen for fish with ease. It also has Omega-3 fatty acids, which are advantageous for your health.

3.      Eggs

In addition to being a good source of protein, eggs can also enhance the production of collagen in your body. They do not contain too much collagen but contain amino acids, known as proline, that aid collagen formation.

4.      Chicken

Chicken has a high amount of collagen in its connective tissue, which has ample collagen. Some portions of the chicken, such as cartilage and neck, have higher amounts of collagen than the rest.

5.      Berries

Are you looking for a super fruit for your skin? Well, berries are ideal for that. Raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries carry a significant amount of collagen. It is also rich in Vitamin C, even more than oranges, and antioxidants that are vital to skin health.  

6.      Citrus fruits

Vitamin C aids collagen production in the body. Citrus fruits, such as orange or grapefruit, contain a sufficient amount of Vitamin C. Getting enough Vitamin C can enhance your skin’s elasticity. Moreover, they are also full of antioxidants that are vital for healthy and glowing skin. Adding fruits to your diet can be good for your skin.

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Foods that are high in collagen or help in its production are helpful for your skin. Collagen is naturally found in our body and gives your bones and skin structure. Collagen starts to lessen as you age, and you may require additional help to boost collagen production. Collagen supplements are one of the ways of increasing collagen in your body. Another way is to add foods that can help with increasing your collagen levels and their formation. You can also consult a Dermatologist from Doctors Hospital.

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