5 Ways You Can Live More Sustainably

Live More Sustainably

We have but one life and we should try to do great things in it so at least we will be remembered. If you have empathy, you must feel bad about seeing others in pain. Likewise, anything that damages the planet is not appreciated by most people. 

You might think that these things are out of your hands and you can’t do anything about it, but that’s not correct. You can do a great deal. Instead of trying to change others, you should start with yourself. Here I’ve discussed what you can do to make this world a better place simply by living a sustainable life. 

  1. Consume less meat

Meat production is one the major contributors towards pollution and global climate change. If the worldwide demand for meat decreases, so would the production, and this vicious cycle of meat production, consumption and pollution would come to a gradual end. Humans are built to survive on vegetables unlike animals like lions. You won’t get weak and get more than enough protein without meat. Moreover, you would be able to live a much healthier life and avoid many diseases. This might take some practicing, but you will get used to the new lifestyle. 

  1. Use eco-friendly hygiene and cleaning products

Individuals should make an effort to use eco-friendly sanitation cleaning equipment because the regular versions use toxic chemicals and components that can harm the environment. You have no idea how much we are damaging the planet with little things of our daily usage. You can make those changes without affecting your lifestyle. Don’t promote businesses that are destroying our planet and the ozone layer. No one would be able to build it once it’s gone. 

  1. Focus on saving energy

Individuals should try to focus on saving energy in their daily lives. Reduction in the consumption of energy means a reduction in carbon emissions and hence decreased pollution. Individuals can save energy in their daily lives by making small changes such as switching off lights and appliances when they are not in use, reducing the amount of time air conditioning is used, drying clothes out in the sunlight instead of using a dryer, etc.

  1. Try to go paperless

Individuals can try to adopt a paperless lifestyle by making small changes. For instance, instead of taking the receipt at the ATM, users can get a digital receipt emailed to them. Users can store documents and other information digitally rather than maintaining documents on paper. Users can also rely on only emails and forgo from letters or written documentation completely, etc. In cases where going paperless is not feasible, users should try to use recycled paper instead.

  1. Grow your own veggies

Users can grow their own veggies in their vegetable patches and hence ensure that they do not consume any vegetables that use pesticides and therefore do not contribute to water or air pollution in any capacity. Growing your own veggies is great for the environment and also a fun activity or hobby for one to engage in.

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