5 Ways to Make Your Small Bathroom Bigger

5 Ways to Make Your Small Bathroom Bigger

When dealing with area restrictions, it’s crucial to make the most of the available space while implementing interior design strategies to make the area look more spacious than it is. A well-designed layout and the use of space-saving fixtures can provide the appearance of a grander, more open bathroom. When remodeling your compact bathroom, consider these architectural design concepts to serve as inspiration.

The smallest rooms in the house are typically bathrooms and cloakrooms, and you can find them in places with low ceilings or little natural light, particularly below the stairs. If you get trapped in a tiny bathroom, there are a few design tricks to understand. You can use all these tricks to ideally utilize your available space.

The perception of space in bathroom remodeling in Palo Alto County is greatly influenced by light and color, just like any other city in Silicon Valley, CA. However, there are several essential fixtures, such as the sink and toilet, shower or bath facilities, radiators, mirrors, curtains, and storage, that need a little more thought to match and work well.

1. Select Wall-Mounted Fixtures and Fittings

Maximize your vertical space by mounting larger fixtures on your bathroom walls if floor space is limited. Floor-mounted or freestanding fixtures and fittings conventionally occupy a significant amount of space in bathrooms.

However, a lot of features, including the sink and toilet, as well as accessories like toilet paper holders and brushes, are available in wall-mounted designs. You may utilize the remaining floor space for storage baskets if you have a small bathroom. Lifting things off the ground and hanging them creates extra space and expands your floor outward, making it appear more spacious.

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2. Choose Compact Instead of Regular Size Fixtures

Consider getting portable versions of your bathtubs, toilet, and basin that are engineered to fit congested bathrooms. When opposed to usual basins, cloakroom wash basins are often somewhat less than 700mm in size. The most prominent bathtubs can be up to two meters long, although smaller baths are available and compatible with a cozy bathroom. Moreover, compact toilets come in various designs, such as wall-hung and back-to-wall, offering versatility in design and installation.

3. Opt for Lighter Color Shades

In compact areas, sufficient light and natural colors are essential factors. Light is vital to enhance the best illumination in your bathroom. If you’re restricted when it comes to natural light – or don’t have any windows at all – then augment your area by adding more lighting.

Choose a white background and add accents of gentle pink, taupe, and delicate greens or blues. Applying the identical color on walls, ceilings, and doors to create the illusion of ample space is a painting trick that always works wonders. Smaller bathrooms may have restricted illumination or smaller window frames and can seem rather dark. By providing vivid, colorful bathe mats and hand towels with other decorations like planters, shampoo bottles, you may avoid that grimy and drab impression.

4. Storage Solutions That Conserve Space

Offer everything a home, from towels and extra toilet paper to makeup and cleaning supplies. You know clutter will make a small space appear even smaller. Explore clever storage opportunities, such as wall-mounted rails, drawer inserts, and shelves above your door, and collect daily necessities into trays to store them properly and close at hand. Using magnetic strips in cabinets to hang razors, tweezers, and other items that are prone to get misplaced is one of the most suitable storage solutions.

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5. Switch to a shower from the bathtub

You must assess the advantages and disadvantages of getting rid of a bath from a personal standpoint, as they are excellent for homes with children and pets. A bath is a possible selling point if you’re remodeling your house to dispose of it. If all you want is a shower in your bathroom, think about a walk-in shower. As opposed to a conventional shower enclosure, which completely cuts off a portion of the room, they are effective in that they lengthen the room and make it appear larger.


The layout, fixtures, and design styles must all be carefully considered to create the ideal small bathroom renovation. Whatever may be your demands, Done Right Home Remodeling can coordinate with local suppliers to help you design the ideal bathroom.

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