5 ways to make your playing card box stand out


Playing cards are one of the most enjoyed indoor games among people of all ages. They are a great way to spend time with your family and friends in a fun way. However, people are concerned with keeping their cards intact from moisture and crumpling and want to keep them secure for longer. Now here comes the role of the playing card boxes they come in. Their ability to protect the cards and attractiveness to steal the attention from customers only make them stand out in the crowd. So if you are a playing card manufacturer, you need to cover all the aspects that customers look for before buying playing cards for them. Here is how you can do it right.

Protection comes first:

No one wants to have their lovely deck of cards packaged in some poor-quality boxes as they want to keep them intact for the longest period. This can be done only if the playing card box is protective enough to keep the cards secure from moisture, heat, crumpling, or other sorts of damages. This is why it is recommended to go for the finest quality kraft or cardboard material for manufacturing the boxes. Inserts should also be added to the playing card storage box to multiply the protection factor. Moreover, there are a lot of surface coatings that increase the resistance of packaging against moisture, heat, and crumpling. Another important factor is to choose the right style of the box that offers adequate protection to the delicate cards, which we are going to explain ahead.

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Styles matter a lot:

The styles and shapes of the boxes not only attract the customers with their unique appeal but also affect the protectiveness of the packaging. Flip-top boxes are a perfect example in this regard. They are made out of the sturdiest cardboard and offer a sleek yet protective presentation to the cards. Their magnetic opening and closing are highly satisfying while ensuring that the cards remain secure even if the box is mishandled. Sliding boxes are also a great option to receive admiration from customers. The tray carrying the cards offers a smooth sliding which is enjoyed by the customers. Its sleeves offer extra protection to the cards. You have got a lot of other style options such as window packaging, and others to achieve a stellar custom playing card box.

Branding says it all:

It gets difficult to be in the limelight when there is tough competition in the market. You need to get bold with your packaging to be visible among tons of products placed on the shelves. Get stylized fonts for your brand name that mimics no other brand. Your logo must be a visual treat for the customers so it needs to be designed smartly with great creativity. Now the choice of colors plays a great role in creating an impact, so you need to pick colors that symbolize your brand niche and philosophy. Give a unique and impactful impression to your brand name and logo so that people can recognize you among millions of products and remember you forever.

Printing creates an impact:

A well-designed packaging has the potential to grab the attention of even the most uninterested buyers. You can take advantage of this by having interesting designs on your playing card deck box printed with inviting colors and unique printing effects. Metal foil stamping can perfectly help you if you wish your packaging to outshine all the other products placed among it. The gleaming gold and glistening silver can grab everyone’s attention by admirably highlighting your brand message. It will also associate a high-end image to your brand with its luxurious appeal. You can also consider embossed and debossed effects for a unique playing card box printing.

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Green packaging gets an edge:

It is no surprise that people of the modern age are getting more concerned about the deteriorating environmental condition. This makes them go for sustainable choices whenever they are going to buy something. So having an eco-friendly approach while designing your custom playing card box can give you an edge over the rest. Go for kraft and cardboard as your material choice because they are obtained for renewable resources and are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. The printing inks also include plenty of harmful chemicals which you can ditch by opting for harmless soy-based inks. Developing green packaging will help you build trust among consumers and enjoy a great repute in the market.

This is how you can gain appreciation from your customers by offering their favorite indoor games in admirable packaging that offers safety and elegance at the same time. It will help you win people’s trust and turn them into your permanent customers. You will also earn a positive worth of mouth in their social circle by satisfying them with their favorite cards in a winning packaging.