5 Tips To Select Surf Paddle Board And Mounts Storage

Surf Paddle Board

Surfing is one of the most popular fitness practices among the health-conscious crowd today. More and more people are unleashing the fun, adventure, and benefits of surfing. According to surfer experiences, you need the right surfing board to enjoy it to the core. Various options fit almost everyone when it comes to preferences. From sup yoga to fast-paced paddling, you can try anything you want.  

But getting and maintaining your board right is the key to enjoyment. This guide will provide you with five practical tips that will help you pick the perfect surf paddleboard and maintain it with the proper mount storage.

1. Choose Between an Epoxy SUP and Inflatable Paddle Boards 

When buying a paddleboard, the second aspect that one needs to consider is whether they want to go for epoxy or an inflatable one. The inflatable is often known as the SUP and is popular because they are straightforward to transport. As you can pack down the inflatables, you can manage to store them in a tiny and simple rack.  

Epoxy SUP and Inflatable Paddle Boards 
Epoxy SUP and Inflatable Paddle Boards 

The best part is that you can even keep these surf and paddleboard rack mounts attached to the wall. It can help you save plenty of space in your home. When it comes to the solid EPS foam SUP, this option is not available. You can also choose to fly with them as checked baggage. Thus, they are more convenient to store as they do not need much space indoors.  

2. Paddle Board Size 

When it comes to surfboards, your paddleboard must go along with your figure. If you have a comparatively more minor structure below 125 pounds, then a mini structured paddleboard is your stop. Any board less than2.7 meters will be simpler to transport and control. Smaller-sized paddleboards are generally used for surfing. They are capable of sustaining a heavier paddler as well. Once you can find your balance and get comfortable on the board, you will move to a large paddleboard that will get easier to handle with time.  

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Paddle Board Size
Paddle Board Size

Considering all of these points, size is an essential factor that will need your attention when buying a surf paddleboard. You can use a rack for storing a small paddleboard; find a breathable edge that is not too compressed to leave the board when not in use. Make sure you keep it indoors.  

3. Different Types of Surfboards

This is another critical aspect that you must know about when you are buying a surfing board. With the rolling of time and advancement of technology, more types of surfing boards have been introduced. Various kinds of boards serve multiple purposes, and it entirely depends on your needs which one you might prefer.  

All-Around Paddle Boards, SUP Racing Boards, SUP hull types, and SUP Surfing boards are the different types of paddleboards that you must check out. One of the most popular surfing boat categories ruling the present market is the all-around surfing board. This type of surfing board is apt for regular surfing practices and meets almost all the basic needs of a surfer. This one will be a rational choice for you if you are a newbie to surfing.  

These boards are best stored on wall or ceiling racks rather than floor racks as they come with a broader structure. And also, they save a lot of space on the floor.  

4. Surfing Board Weight and Volume Capacity 

A SUP board must function in a way it can carry a little more than the estimated weight of your body. If the board cannot displace the right amount of water compared to your weight, you will not be supported appropriately, and the board might feel quite unstable as well.  

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Board weight and volume capacity are two of the main factors that impact how steady you can feel and how the board shall surf and travel on the water’s surface. Weight and volume are often determined by the width, thickness, and length of the board. The manufacturers and brands of surfboards often use these dimensions to determine the quality of the panels. There are also many convenient mount storages that you can get as per your surfing board size and structure.  

5. Length of Your Surfing Board. 

The length of a surfing board plays a crucial role in defining how well the board will perform and manage any strenuous activity. Usually, the longer boards are swifter than the shorter boards. But the shorter boards come with an advantage too, that is, they are maneuverable.  

If you buy your surfing board for a kid, the short or small ones with a lightweight would be the best for you. The medium boards from 10′ to 12′ are perfect for SUP yoga and all-around use. But if you aim for something more adrenaline-pumping, such as long-distance touring or speed paddling, the long12’6″ paddleboards would be the ultimate choice. 

Bidding Adieu 

If you are entirely new to surfing, you must save a certain amount of time choosing the boards. It will help if you do not haste into it as this activity needs you to consider many detailed factors mentioned above. In addition to that, buying the proper paddleboard storage for your surfing gear will help you enhance the performance of your board in the long run. To get the best deals, you can begin your search online. So, start your search and find the best surfing paddleboard and accessories now. 

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