5 Tips for Finding an Aetna Insurance Therapist


Are you in need of a mental health therapist but don’t know who accepts your Aetna insurance?

Insurance can save you hundreds of dollars on therapy, so you mustn’t go to someone outside of your network. However, finding a therapist who accepts your insurance is often more difficult than finding an in-network doctor. So, how can you find an Aetna insurance therapist?

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Below, we’ll go into everything you need to know to find therapists that take Aetna. Keep reading to learn more and get started and your therapy journey today!

1. Do Some Online Research

One of the best ways to find an Aetna insurance therapist is to start with some online research.

Run the words “therapists near me” through a search engine, then take a look at the results. Then, see if their websites have an insurance page. Often, therapists will list the types of insurance they take here.

Don’t forget to ask about how much treatment will cost after insurance! Sometimes, insurance won’t cover the entirety of your mental health treatments. If you have any questions, contact the therapist’s office and ask to speak to the person in charge of billing.

2. Look at Remote Therapy Companies

Just like doctor’s offices, individual therapy clinics decide which insurances they take and which they don’t. It’s also not uncommon for clinics not to take any insurance at all.

What should you do if you can’t find therapists that accept Aetna in your area? Look at remote therapy companies. These companies offer therapy from licensed professionals online, and some accept insurance.

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3. Call Aetna

Finding therapists through Aetna insurance is one of your best bets for finding covered mental healthcare services. On your membership card, you should see a customer service number.

If you call this number, you will be put in touch with a representative who can tell you which therapists in your area take Aetna. This person may not be able to tell you what the final price of the therapy will be, though, so you’ll still want to ask when you set up your appointment.

4. Call the Therapist’s Office

Here’s the catch: sometimes, therapists have changed their insurance policies and have not yet updated their online presence.

So, no matter where you find the information, you should call the therapist’s office to confirm they take Aetna. That way, you won’t face any unexpected expenses when you go in for your first session!

5. Make Sure the Therapist Specializes in Your Treatment

There’s nothing worse than finally finding a therapist who takes your insurance only to discover they don’t treat your specific condition.

Like doctors, therapists specialize in different forms of mental health treatment. As such, you should look at the therapist’s website and make sure they have experience treating people like you.

Ready to Find an Aetna Insurance Therapist?

Finding an Aetna insurance therapist is one of the best ways to get affordable treatment.

By following the advice above, you’ll stand a better stance of finding therapists that take Aetna. If you find more than one, feel free to shop around and see which therapist you connect with best!

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