5 Survival Tips for Living in a Hotel Full Time

Living in a hotel can be challenging. You never quite feel at home in a hotel. That’s not good if you have to live in one full-time.

It is possible to make a hotel room feel like home. You have the power to make your stay more comfortable.

Here are five tips to survive and thrive in your hotel home.

Create A Routine

Routines and rituals hold power.

Doing something every day establishes a pattern.

Even something as simple as washing your face will help ground you.

Create small rituals.

Have something you do every night before you go to bed. Do something as soon as you wake up. Try and do things at roughly the same time every day.

Your routine doesn’t need to be elaborate.

Try not to fall out of the routine. But don’t beat yourself up if you forget to do something one day. It’s not the end of the world.

Make sure getting out of the room is part of your routine.

You need a change of scenery every once in a while. Explore other parts of the hotel.

Incorporate cleaning and organizing into your ritual.

Hotel rooms start to feel small. It’s important to keep things tidy.

Create a ritual with the staff. Say hi to them every morning.

Extended Stays

Hotels do offer extended stay options.

Booking services like Hotel Engine can help you organize this.

Using a booking agency is best, especially if you are traveling for business.

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When staying somewhere long-term, your needs are different than during a short stay. You’ll need more amenities. You’ll probably want to stay at a place with a fitness center.

Some hotels even offer suites with kitchenettes for long-term guests.

Hotels offer better rates the longer you stay.

Talk with the hotel about negotiating a deal. Rates are usually flexible.

See about including breakfast and other meals in the rate.

At some point, you’ll need to do laundry. Laundry is usually an expensive service in hotels. If you’re staying longer, laundry rates are negotiable.

A parking space will probably be necessary.

Choose a location that’s good for you. You don’t want to have a long commute.

Look into alternative stay options. Apartment rentals are a popular option for longer stays.

See about renting a room in an apartment if you don’t mind sharing it with other people.

You might make new friends.

Staying Organized

The hotel rooms aren’t very big.

It’s important to be organized from the beginning.

The first thing you should do is unpack. Create a space for everything.

If you need to, reorganize the furniture. After all, it’s your room. You can do whatever you want.

Don’t let things pile up.

Throw away shopping bags so they don’t start to accumulate.

Keep the bathroom nice and tidy.

Be nice and don’t make the cleaning staff do all the work.

Tell them if you don’t want anything to be touched. They might move things around.

Make sure to keep your valuables locked in the safe.

Keep track of where things are and double-check that you have everything.

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Check all drawers and closets before you leave.

You don’t want to forget anything.

Stay Fit

Staying healthy will make you feel more at home.

Try to find a hotel with a fitness center. If there isn’t one, head outside for a jog.

Or do some workouts in your hotel room. Here’s a hotel room workout from Nerd Fitness. It is possible to stay fit in a small space.

Be aware of your surroundings and your neighbors.

Other guests won’t appreciate loud music while you’re working out.

The people underneath you also won’t appreciate noises in the middle of the night.

Incorporate exercise into your routine.

Create a space for fitness by moving the furniture.

Hotel furniture usually isn’t heavy.

Keep in Touch

Staying in a hotel can get lonely.

Keep in touch with your friends and family.

Call your family once a night. Read your kids a bedtime story over the phone.

Tell them about where you’re staying and what you’re doing.

Use the time to reach out to old friends. Call someone out of the blue.

Make friends with the hotel staff.

See about meeting people where you’re staying. 

With the internet and social media, it’s easier than ever to stay connected.

You might form friendships that last a lifetime.


It is possible to feel at home in a hotel. All it requires is a bit of effort and creativity.

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